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Two of Cups meaning​

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The Two of Cups card means very positive news in love. It signifies anticipated happiness and an overall feeling of fulfilment.  It is a sign that your emotions are on the right track and that nothing can get you down. You have found someone who wants you as much as you want them. 

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Detailed meanings of the Two of Cups

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 2 of cups

CARD NUMBER 48. – Two of Cups.

Upright. – Success in love or business. Love affair.

Reversed. – Jealousies, sentimental disappointments. Near Card number 65: unattainable desires, discouragement.

2 of cups tarot card advice main

To give someone a piece of your heart, is worth more than all the wealth in the world.” – Michael Jackson

Your soul has begun to grow closer to another lately. You love this person’s company, and they feel the same way about you. The two of you share a deep understanding of each other that is unparalleled in most of your other relationships. The image of the future that you hold in your mind has begun to be reshaped in order to include this person’s presence, and you already can’t imagine a life without their company. This harmonization is traditionally interpreted as a romantic connection, but may also be a friendship or a familial tie. 

Now is the time to share this affection with that person; let them know how important they are to you. Chances are, you will find those feelings reciprocated. This card may also be symbolic of a harmonization between your mind and spirit that has led to a heightened sense of self-understanding and inner peace. When we find balance and unity between these aspects of ourselves, we are able to better understand our position within both society and the universe as a whole.

2 of cups meaning for relationship
A new figure has recently emerged in your romantic life. This relationship may be fairly new, but you find yourself extremely attracted to this person’s company. It feels like they understand you on a deeper level than most people, and you see yourself reflected in their image. At the same time, you may be nervous to speak your true feelings; what if they don’t feel the same way? However, take this as a sign to set those fears aside. They are not a fixed point that your world has begun to revolve around; instead, your souls have begun the cyclic dance of orbiting around each other. You are not the only one who harbors feelings, but they may be just as nervous as you are to admit their affection

Once one of you has taken the first step to initiating a relationship, you will find that the pieces will all begin to fall into place. If you are already in a relationship, this is a clear sign that the romance between you and your partner has not died out! They still love you as much as they did at the beginning of your relationship, and all signs point to this love lasting long into the future. If you don’t believe that you harbor such feelings for another, then this may be a sign that someone feels a strong desire to make their feelings known to you. You have no obligation to reciprocate those feelings; however, it is still vital that you are gentle and understanding with the feelings of others. If they care for you enough to potentially initiate a romantic relationship with you, this is a clear indicator that any relationship with them is one which will hold immense value. 

Consider yourself lucky to have people around you that desire your company and affection; in a world that oftentimes comes off as cruel and impersonal, a deep connection with others is one of your most valuable assets.

Two of Cups meaning tarot


A youth and maiden are pledging one another, and above their cups rises the Caduceus of Hermes, between the great wings of which there appears a lion’s head. It is a variant of a sign which is found in a few old examples of this card. Some curious emblematical meanings are attached to it, but they do not concern us in this place.

Divinatory Meanings: Love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, concord, sympathy, the inter-relation of the sexes, and—as a suggestion apart from all offices of divination—that desire which is not in Nature, but by which Nature is sanctified.

2 of cups meaning for job and career
Recently, you have found immense satisfaction from the work that you have been doing. It feels as though your work has become an expression of your soul, and you have found yourself pouring immense amounts of effort in every project that you have embarked on. However, you derive such enjoyment from what you do that it no longer feels like work. This satisfaction has led you to learn things about yourself that you had not previously known, and you’ve unearthed talents that will serve to benefit you far into the future. 

Perhaps you’ve finally found a steady position in your dream field, or you’ve deepened your friendship with coworkers to a far more intimate and trusting relationship. Now is the time to show your appreciation for what your work and the people around you have added to your life. This could manifest in various ways; a staff appreciation lunch, hand-written notes, or even a simple “thank-you”. If it feels as though work has been anything but enlightening lately, this may be a sign that you’ve failed to notice the personal development that hardships at your place of employment has facilitated

What have you learned from coping with the struggles that work presents you? Patience? Innovative problem solving? How to properly organize a team to handle large, complicated projects? Take a moment to step back and examine how this job has changed you for the better, making you into a better employee. Remember: even the worst jobs have something to teach you!

2 of cups reversed main meaning
There must be a balance between focusing on your relationship with others and the relationship that you have with yourself. When The 2 of Cups appears in the reversed position, this may be a sign that these things have fallen out of balance

Is there a relationship in your life that you have been pouring far too much time and attention into? This may be a failing romance, tumultuous family ties, or friends that don’t seem to care for you as much as you care for them. Now is the time to pull back and spend some time focusing on the relationship that you have with yourself. You are only here to please yourself; the affirmation and admiration of others is irrelevant. 

Don’t try to change yourself or shape your ideals purely for the sake of pleasing others and maintaining relationships. It is impossible to hold up such a façade forever; eventually, they will realize that you are not who you have always portrayed yourself to be. By being open and honest about who you really are, not only will you avoid this heartache in the future, but you will also limit your potential new relationships to ones that will be far more healthy and understanding.

2 of cups card yes or no main

The two of cups is a YES card. It emphasizes the peaceful relationships in your life. The possibility of a new relationship with someone that you already have a strong bond with but have not seen as a lover. A potential new business partnership that will be proven to be remarkably successful.  It could also signify a possible reunion with someone from your past.

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2 of cups meaning

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