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Ten of Cups meaning

Main cover image 10 of cups

The Ten of Cups symbolizes harmony, balance and pure happiness. It is one of the most positive cards of the entire deck. As these sunny skies shine for you, the love you give out will be strongly accepted by your family and friends. You offer your emotional and spiritual encouragement to those who matter. In return you are gifted with great karma. 

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Detailed meanings of the Ten of Cups

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 10 of cups

CARD NUMBER 40. – Ten of Cups.

Upright. – House, equity, property. Political success.

Reversed. – Anger, failed projects, storm.

10 of cups tarot card advice main

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objective. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

Not everything is meant to be accomplished alone. A variety of people working together not only speeds up the process and decreases each person’s respective workload, but it also serves to bring fresh new perspectives on an otherwise stale project. In order to keep the project running harmoniously, it is also key that each person prioritize the whole over the self; it may be difficult in the moment, but it will only serve to benefit the entire group in the long run. You may be embarking on a momentous task at the moment, one that requires teamwork in order to be accomplished. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, as those around will most likely be overjoyed to get involved.

Be sure that each member of your team is treated with respect and allowed to contribute in their own unique way; while divvying up task is important for the sake of organization, each member of the team should also be given the freedom to include their own unique contributions. At the project’s conclusion, you will find that the end product you create together will be something worth celebrating. Chances are, you will also find that it is a much better quality than anything you could have possibly achieved alone.

10 of cups meaning for relationship
At the moment, your romantic life is in a state that requires an additional partner in order to move forward. This may be the cooperation of your partner, the outside assistance of a professional, or even the support of you family and friends.

Whatever it is that you are dealing with, it is not something that is meant to be addressed alone. Only by the cooperation of all parties will you be able to make true progress. Perhaps you and your partner have fallen to a state where it feels as though your relationship may be coming to and end, even though you are willing to fight to keep it alive.

This is a sign that it is worth fighting for, but only if your partner is willing to work with you as a team in order to address the problem together. If a split seems inevitable, now is the time to call in the reinforcements in order to smoothly transition out of this relationship. Your former partner may be looking to put up a fights; having a team that has your best interests in mind to back you up with protect you from abuses. If you are currently looking for a new romantic relationship, this may be a sign that it is time to ask others for advice.

Many times, new people are introduced to each other through mutual friends. Reach out to your friend group to see if they know anybody that may be interested in connecting with you. If not, there’s no harm in looking to them for support and guidance. If they are truly your friends, they will want nothing more than to see you happy; if finding a partner is what you need, they will be more than eager to jump in and help!

Ten of Cups meaning tarot


Appearance of Cups in a rainbow; it is contemplated in wonder and ecstasy by a man and woman below, evidently husband and wife. His right arm is about her; his left is raised upward; she raises her right arm. The two children dancing near them have not observed the prodigy but are happy after their own manner. There is a home-scene beyond.

Divinatory Meanings: Contentment, repose of the entire heart; the perfection of that state; also perfection of human love and friendship; if with several picture-cards, a person who is taking charge of the Querent’s interests; also the town, village or country inhabited by the Querent.

Reversed: Repose of the false heart, indignation, violence.

10 of cups meaning for job and career
Work has been slammed with a massive amount of activity lately. You may have started a new job that you are still struggling to get settled into, or your work may be embarking on a brand new project that everyone is a little unsure about. In order to get through these times, it is vital for you to learn from and rely on those who have more experience than you

This may be a superior, or even a coworker that simply has been working in their position longer than you have. Use this opportunity to prove that you are able to work well as a member of a team. Listen to the ideas of others, contribute your own perspective, and cooperate with the whole group in order to achieve the task at hand. You may find that some members of the team are unwilling to put in the appropriate amount of work; this is not something that you should easily ignore. 

Reaping the rewards of a group effort can only be done when you have contributed to the work in question in the first place; appreciation should be based on fairness and the quality of each person’s individual contribution. Celebrate those that have tried hard, even if they have not necessarily achieved, and take not of those who tend to piggyback on the efforts of others. If the situation is extreme, now may be the time to make this person’s actions known to a supervisor or member of leadership, especially if this person’s lack of contributed may potentially cause a safety issue.

10 of cups reversed main meaning

Teamwork is not something that always runs smoothly; there are times that you will need to regroup in order to get yourselves back on track. When The 10 of Cups appears in the reversed position, you may be a member of a team that has lost sight of the collective visions.

This may be a friend group that has drifted apart, a family that has become distant, or a team at work that has fallen to chaos and disarray. Now is the time to bring everyone together in order to restrengthen the bonds that make you a team in the first place. Remind each other that, at least right now, the strength of the collective should be prioritized over the benefit of the individual. Your team may also need to be reminded of your ultimate goal and how you all mean to achieve it in order to address any mistakes that you have seen as of late. 

Even if you are not the official “leader” of your group, or you group does not necessarily have a specified “leader”, the current state of the team requires a guiding hand in order to pull it back on the right track. Use your voice to gently encourage your team members to focus in on the interests of the group once again, as they may have become distracted by other events. If nothing is done to save the team now, it faces the possibility of disbanding altogether. However, this does not mean that the project in question will magically disappear as well.

10 of cups card yes or no main

The ten of cups is a symbol of true love. It is also often considered to be a soulmate card. This card signifies the reunion with the ones that you love who are living far away from you. A lover that you still have strong feelings for might again return. Finding your happily ever after. All the work that you have put into your career is now blooming into prosperous rewards. In conclusion, the Ten of Cups is a fantastic YES card.

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10 of cups meaning

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