The Tower is a powerful arcane card of unexpected and drastic change. Like a lightning bolt from a clear sky, a major turbulence of life suddenly hits you out of nowhere.

This card could mean a sudden break-up with your partner or failure of business or being fired from your job.

Could the Tower card have a positive meaning? Yes, absolutely! Tarot reading is a lot about intuition and nuance. The effect of the Tower card might be radically altered by the neighboring cards on the table. Check out the full list of the Tower pairs and their meanings below.

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The Tower and The Fool

The Tower and The Fool collide in a sea of change and wondrous new beginnings.

Life: Sudden change, the unknown, opportunity in the face of bravery

Love: Sudden make or break, refreshing new start in love, fast pace

Career: Changes at work, potential room for you to improve, shift in dynamics

Health: Listening to your body, sensing you need a rest, sudden injury

What seems sudden can work in your favour if you view your situation with innocent eyes.

The Tower and The Magician

The Tower and The Magician represent a huge shift in perception, and opens the eyes to opportunity aiding you greatly.

Life: The sudden need to connect to your intuition, taking immediate action

Love: Seeking brave new ways to love, huge change in what you manifest

Career: Shifts at work that motivate you, chaos that works in your favour

Health: The sudden desire to gain health and vitality, new plans

When these cards meet, extraordinary things happen. The question is, can you hold on for the ride?

The Tower and The High Priestess

The Tower and The High Priestess offer a period of time to reflect after a major shift in your world.

Life: Feeling confused, attuning your inner strength and knowledge

Love: Feeling wronged, needing to break old habits, needing a fresh and more passionate start

Career: Using your creativity amongst sudden change, adapting quickly

Health: Taking time to find your strength, healing, technology breaks

A message from these cards is clear; when you are faced with fear or panic, it is your own soul that can calm and soothe you back into reset.

The Tower and The Empress

The Tower and The Empress represent an air of change surrounding the mysterious way you present yourself to others

Life: Open to people, seeking joy and loyalty through changes

Love: Surprising offers, newfound sense of passion and wonder

Career: Attracting potential job promotion or change that suits you better, asking to lead a team

Health: Seeing positive change in how you treat yourself, calling to meditate with immediate results

What a powerful pair who lead the way to light and love – it may come quick but you are more than prepared.

The Tower and The Emperor

The Tower and The Emperor create a different kind of energy, together representing a falling plan or structure that may have once seemed ideal.

Life: Authoritative change, official upheaval, needing to be strict

Love: A strong soul leaving or entering your life suddenly, stability being rocked

Career: Plans shifting, changing or implementing new rules, unexpected work load

Health: Being strict with yourself, sticking to a routine, being advised to work on improving your health

With change doesn’t always come disaster, and if you are in the midst of a shift, plan your way out of it.

The Tower and The Hierophant

The Tower and The Hierophant together seem a force to be reckoned with, as tradition is shaken up in favour of surprising alternatives.

Life: Questioning your faith or beliefs, needing unity, seeking energy

Love: Shocking news, new ways to love and be loved, unconventional love

Career: New systems at work, a new boss, shake up in dynamics

Health: Exploring alternative diets, seeking different fitness approaches

This dynamic duo are set up together to offer you a brand new way to approach life and love, with results that aim to please.

The Tower and The Lovers

The Tower and The Lovers come to you in the hope that you can make an important decision, one that is bound to change everything.

Life: Choices, growing up and moving on, learning lessons

Love: Breaking old habits, seeking unity, leaving the past behind

Career: Stepping up the ladder, thinking outside the box, taking chances

Health: Knowing what you need to work on in order to feel better, shedding old skin

I love it when this pair come together. They want to shake and shift you away from creatures of habit in favour of a new direction.

The Tower and The Chariot

The Tower and The Chariot represent an extremely fast paced change that seldom few are prepared for. Take a deep breath.

Life: Fast change, energetic shift, potential travel

Love: News that will shock you, possible commitment or break up, emotional upheaval

Career: Company or office restructure, potential travelling for work

Health: Warning to not overdo physical activity, balance your mental and physical health

Whatever will come of the events in your life, be sure to rest well after this cosmic event – you will need time to recharge.

The Tower and Strength

The Tower and Strength together show us how chaos can be met with compassion and patience. Wait for the storm to pass and with grace you will walk on.

Life: Allowing the dust to settle, remembering what is important

Love: Choosing wisely, making healthy decisions for your soul, knowing your worth

Career: Being appreciated, proving yourself, leading a team well

Health: Focusing on what brings you good health,using your strength to battle challenges

Often it is assumed that our guard must come up when we are forced to deal with complications, but not in this instance. Calm, collective and kind will lead you out of disaster.

The Tower and The Hermit

The Tower and The Hermit are a deeply connected pair. They represent the importance of stepping back from a situation to gather your mind and body.

Life: Pausing to reflect, using our knowledge and skills to avert chaos

Love: Not making rash decisions, thinking about what to do next, creating good energy for yourself

Career: Checking and rechecking your work, using your skills wisely, avoiding gossip or heated discussions where possible

Health: Making quiet improvements, seeking clarity in new ways of living

Everything you have is inside of you, and if you can weather the storm with a calm manner, the world is your oyster.

The Tower and Wheel of Fortune

The Tower and the Wheel Of Fortune can seem like a frazzled pair, but they mean well. They want to show you that everything is temporary, be it good or bad.

Life: Potential stress, always being prepared, self reassurance

Love: Possible challenges, surprising obstacles, light at the end of the tunnel

Career: Making silly mistakes, ensuring you are always doing your best, good and bad days

Health: Wanting to make changes, health and vitality not coming naturally to you, slipping up but getting back on the horse

In taking the rough with the smooth you are destined for success. Do not focus on your glass being half empty or half full, instead focus on the fact that you have water at all.

The Tower and Justice

The Tower and Justice meet to remind you that with change comes consequence. Put out into the world what you wish to receive and it is yours for the taking.

Life: Fateful moments, being fair, needing to act fast

Love: Consequences of your actions being revealed, karmic moments, needing to be prepared for potential surprise or shock

Career: Fairness in work showing great strength and impartiality, efforts being paid off, laziness being noted

Health: Reaping what you sow, treating your body and mind fairly

There is only one way out of a slump: hard work. Of course, if you didn’t put yourself there in the first place, you wouldn’t need to get out.

The Tower and The Hanged Man

The Tower and The Hanged Man Are caught in a trap of chaos and procrastination. They represent uncertainty and delay in situations.

Life: Stagnation, too much going on, can’t seem to handle what life is offering

Love: Backing away from confrontation, looking from an alternative view

Career: Biding your time, letting others go first, delaying progression

Health: Making excuses, not allowing change to shape your future

Whilst it is all well and good allowing yourself the time to think and regroup, you mustn’t think that you get to avoid all decision making as a consequence. Change awaits and is going nowhere.

The Tower and Death

The Tower and Death are two of the most powerful cards to meet in the entire tarot deck. They represent strong change and rebirth and can appear scary, but in fact, they inspire.

Life: Life changing moments, brand new beginnings, courage

Love: A new love, or old love revisited, huge surprises, brand new start intertwined with better habits

Career: Sudden shake up, promotion or job loss, new chapter

Health: Health scare that brings forth positive change, sudden energy kick

Death is life reformed, and with The Tower, they aim to breathe new life into your veins and excel you into your future of excitement.

The Tower and Temperance

The Tower and Temperance represent the yin and yang of change. Whilst it seems scary to face a challenge, if you approach it was balance and calm, you will much more likely succeed.

Life: Wisdom in adversity, sensible approach, seeing the good in bad

Love: The voice of reason during arguments, allowing storms to pass, putting love before ego

Career: Great problem solving, stress rolls off your shoulders, approached well by your colleagues

Health: Patient in your goals, achieving and seeing results, not letting little bumps in the road hold you back

Much is to be said when you are the anchor in a storm. Let the storm ravage the sea, but let your ship withstand the elements.

The Tower and The Devil

The Tower and The Devil mostly serve to warn you in their paired interpretation. With not much to fulfil your life, you are not gauntleted smooth sailing all the while you allow material gains to guide your spirit.

Life: Addiction, self sabotage leading to poor decisions

Love: Allowing love to die, not willing to work on problems, taking love for granted

Career: Sabotaging your chances of success, taking advantage of situations

Health: Ignoring what your body needs, not listening to yourself, overindulging

Time to take stock of your life if these two appear together. We cannot go through life pretending problems don’t exist, especially if they are happening right in front of us.

The Tower and The Star

The Tower and The Star represent a force of healing and positivity following a probable tough time. They eclipse chaos with a regeneration of hope and peace.

Life: New beginnings, calmer seas, brighter days ahead

Love: Reconciliation is likely here, being sorry and hiving restored faith and trust following potential betrayal

Career: Resilience in the work place, weathering storms with your colleagues, showing initiative and strength

Health: Exciting ways to align your well being, surprising results in fitness

Often the beauty of Mother Nature is only seen after a storm. This is most certainly the case here as serenity follows a shake up.

The Tower and The Moon

The Tower and The Moon represent fear amongst change. They show you that you do not have to approach new chapters in life with trepidation.

Life: Clouded judgement, uncertain assumptions, doubt in change

Love: Possible jealousy, arguments leading to self doubt, fearing growth

Career: Letting go of what others think of you, showing what you are worth, offering your talents

Health: Allowing bad habits to continue, unwilling to change, ignoring health warnings

Do not let darkness and bedlam walk you down a path that you needn’t be on. Instead, choose to allow the moons mystical illumination to guide you to safety.

The Tower and The Sun

The Tower and The Sun represent a force to be reckoned with. Yes, you may be experiencing times of struggle, but your light is far more valuable than any temporary struggle.

Life: A lighthouse in a storm, leadership in times of trial, enthusiasm to improve your current situation

Love: Sudden admirers, positive attitude in love, inspiring lover

Career: Leader of the pack, a trusted worker during tough times, possible good and surprising news

Health: Leading health groups, inspiring you and yours to change for the better, setting up your own business in health

Whilst what goes on around you may be cause for concern, you are showing nothing but exuberance as your quest for positive spirit takes over.

The Tower and Judgement

The Tower and Judgement call on you to reflect on everything that has led you to this moment. If change is afoot and you are unsettled, then why? Time to dig deep.

Life: Reflection, evaluation, searching for meaning

Love: Wanting to be appreciated, a shift in dynamics, questioning your worth

Career: Feeling unappreciated, searching for a change in career or position

Health: Reeling in the consequences of overindulgence, potential disruptions in sleep

A solid pairing can be a cause for concern in you have many questions to ask yourself. Looking deeper into your soul and result in great cosmic shifts that you should prepare for.

The Tower and The World

The Tower and The World represent the realisation the notion that you are in charge of your glorious path ahead!

Life: Optimism, something difficult coming to an end, better days

Love: Overcoming hardship or bad habits, celebrating a new chapter

Career: Hard work drastically paying off, feeling in control, optimistic about future endeavours

Health: Learning to love yourself, starting a new healthy phase, using your knowledge to better your mind and body

Although we all experience bumps in the road, we can manage them with a healthy attitude towards the future.

The Tower and Ace of Swords

The Tower and The Ace of Swords take a chaotic turn for the better as new beginnings dawn in your horizon.

Life: Breaking free from old habits, starting again, feeling refreshed, moving in a quick yet manageable way

Love: Open to new offers, seeking a new love or finding new ways to make an old love work

Career: Happily adaptable in your job, sense of victory, fast paced atmosphere

Health: Sudden desire to change for the better, working towards strong goals

Wht you discover about yourself in this time is that you are more than capable of running into a brand new day with gumption and focus.

The Tower and Two of Swords

The Tower and the Two of Swords want to take you out of your comfort zone and shake up your habits.

Life: Needing to make a speedy choice, surprising consequences

Love: Decisions in love needed, potential crossroads and uncertainty

Career: Unsure of your next move, not wanting change, job under threat

Health: Feeling unwell, needing to create healthy options, using your time wisely

Don’t be fooled that having options is a good thing. With too much on offer, you can create your own chaos unless you think sensibly and use your heart.

The Tower and Three of Swords

The Tower and the Three of Swords do not come together in happiness. What they do offer, is an opportunity to heal from all that has wronged you.

Life: Sudden heartache, loss, negative uncertainty

Love: Heartbreaking news, possible infidelity, sudden loss or break up

Career: Feeling lost, unsure what you want to do, lack of action

Health: Tired, mentally and physically exhausted, possible need to see a doctor

We ill prepare for perilous times, but it is from these we learn our greatest lessons in life.

The Tower and Four of Swords

The Tower and the Four of Swords serve to warn that your life contains too much stress and not enough rest.

Life: Imbalance, stress, overdoing things

Love: Not enough focus on your relationship, ignoring warning signs, potential red flags

Career: Anxiety leading to stress, huge workload, booking time off

Health: Uneasy, feeling fraught, ignoring your mind and body telling you it needs to rest

You should avoid waiting until you reach burn out afore you give yourself the break you deserve. Plan your schedule well, and don’t forget to breathe.

The Tower and Five of Swords

The Tower and the Five of Swords do not seek friendships or love easily. As a result of cold behaviour, you are running into a sudden battle ground.

Life: Falling out with people, suffering the consequences, unwilling to back down

Love: Arguments, sudden change in relationship status, negative attitude towards love

Career: Unwelcoming to new ideas, creating tension, under fire at work

Health: Your own worst enemy, not listening to advice of others, sudden health scare

If you keep refusing to listen to anybody else, you will find yourself rather alone and in sudden need of redemption.

The Tower and Six of Swords

The Tower and the Six of Swords come to you at a time where you have coped well with a significant upheaval in your life.

Life: Feeling weak, huge change, walking away from negativity

Love: Leaving a toxic partner, bravery, putting yourself first

Career: Changing jobs to a less stressed pace, admitting you are in the wrong job, seeking a different career

Health: Giving up bad habits, finding healthier ways to live, new hobby such as meditation or jogging

They seem as though they are mourning an old way, but instead they celebrate your strength of moving on from what no longer serves you.

The Tower and Seven of Swords

The Tower and the Seven of Swords remind you that as masterful as your wits are, they are not unbreakable and instead will likely cause disaster.

Life: Sly behaviour, consequences, destructive behaviour

Love: Potential infidelity, resentful, jealous, break up

Career: Work changes, job demotion or redundancy, meetings with your boss to discuss work and behaviour

Health: Depression, refusing to seek help, ignoring messages from your body

Part of The Tower’s meaning is to awaken your senses, and I truly hope it does for you here as you are faced with your own dishonesty.

The Tower and Eight of Swords

The Tower and Eight of Swords want to show you all the powerful and wonderful changes that can occur when we no longer victimize ourselves.

Life: Learn from the past, brand new ways to live, brave new steps

Love: Not repeating past mistakes, seeking new and healthier love, finding yourself, loving yourself

Career: Refusing to be bullied at work, standing up for yourself, being noticed for good reasons

Health: Seeing the benefits to mindfulness, working towards a fitter you

When you have been still for so long, it can seem daunting to finally be moving again. When you do, the world awaits!

The Tower and Nine of Swords

The Tower and the Nine of Swords represent a tumultuous time in your life, where so much has happened, it has left you bewildered and unable to cope.

Life: Exhausted, tired, scared, alone

Love: Too much arguing, mistrust leading to broken relations, repeating the past

Career: Overwhelming amount of work, suffering silently,

Health: No energy, mental or physical breakdown, ability to focus if you allow it

When we feel this desolate, we often don’t know where to start or what to do first. The calm follows the storm, so allow the dust to settle.

The Tower and Ten of Swords

The Tower and the Ten of Swords are likely one of the most negative duos to rise from the tarot deck, offering a painful era.

Life: Intense change, tragedy, sudden loss

Love: The parting of souls, revelation, release from pain

Career: Stuck in a rut, unable to cope at work, needing to feel inspired

Health: Sudden illness, loss of a loved one, depression

There can be hope, even at the darkest of times. What you see here is a pairing of destruction and loss, but from that is a chance for you to grow once more.

The Tower and Page of Swords

The Tower and the Page of Swords are an energetic force of nature – dispelling fear with a fiery gust of wind!

Life: Determination, fast pace, ready and on guard for change

Love: Deception, uncovering truths, feeling ready to move on

Career: Insecure in your job, uncertain of next steps, energy present to start anew

Health: Flitting from one fad to another, not taking your health seriously

Whilst your energy soars, your attention to detail fades. Ensure you are dealing wisely with matters of importance.

The Tower and Knight of Swords

The Tower and the Knight of Swords move faster than most can handle. This may not all be bad – but it is likely to not be all good either.

Life: Making mistakes, not thinking ahead, ill timed actions

Love: Tripping up in love, getting bored, hurting others

Career: Being pulled up on your errors, preoccupied at work, bored of your career and seeking change

Health: Bored of routine, trying different forms of exercise, not sticking to diets

If you move constantly from one thing to another, nothing will ever feel complete or whole. When you have the time, take the time. This frazzled world of yours needn’t be so.

The Tower and Queen of Swords

The Tower and the Queen of Swords sees a sudden moment where you will need to show strength and put your emotions to one side.

Life: Asserting boundaries, dealing well with stress, focused during chaotic times

Love: Pushing people away, heart of ice, not interested in seeking love

Career: Assertive, professional, confident under pressure

Health: Determined to succeed and meet your goals, driven, sometimes forgets to breathe and find calm

Emotion is for the faint hearted when it comes to how you deal with things. You’ve no time to play silly games, when all this bedlam surrounds you.

The Tower and King of Swords

The Tower and the King of Swords do not falter in their judgement. With destruction surrounding you, you’re unlikely to crumble and will instead rise high.

Life: Creating boundaries, a good leader, dealing with matters as they arise

Love: Unwilling to listen, nobody seems good enough, better things to do than love

Career: Dismissive of others’ ideas, treating people sternly, stirs trouble

Health: Ignoring many health regimes, scoffs at diets and fads

Whilst you may think you are doing the right thing by all, there leaves much to be desired when you treat people with such disdain. Your standards are yours alone.

The Tower and Ace of Pentacles

The Tower and the Ace of Pentacles bring forth a sudden improvement in your career and financial prospects. This may seem a lot to handled – but I know you can do it.

Life: Offers, promising future, stability

Love: Tradition and sensible minds coming together, fast paced love

Career: Exciting times being born, faster work environment, potentially more work

Health: Ready to start taking greater care, sudden urge to get fit, new exercise classes

Time is of the essence with you, and you handle it well. Exciting changes can be born from a past of frantic events, and you are first in line.

The Tower and Two of Pentacles

The Tower and Two of Pentacles indicate your need to step away from all that you are juggling in favour of a much more serene way of managing current times.

Life: Upheaval indicating you to pause, too much going on

Love: People pleasing leaving you exhausted, encountering change in how you are treated or how you treat others

Career: Inevitable change, release from a painful or disliked job

Health: Taking control of your health, feeling the need to do it all at once, needing to prioritise

When life isn’t quite right, it cannot continue until the creases are ironed out. I know you can do this, but I also know it won’t be easy.

The Tower and Three of Pentacles

The Tower and the Three of Pentacles sees the sudden urge for teamwork at a time you may not want to work alongside anybody.

Life: Doing something you don’t want to do, pressured to accept help

Love: Sudden need to make home improvements which could cause arguments, frosty atmosphere

Career: Having to work with a team that you would rather not, duties you do not wish to undertake

Health: Possible injury and the needing of physiotherapy, being given advice you don’t like from professionals

You don’t always know best – even though you might like to think you do. Sometimes, it’s OK to let people in, even if the initial thought causes great stress.

The Tower and Four of Pentacles

The Tower and four of Pentacles warn you to guard your assets with your life, because something big is coming.

Life: Emergency money being spent, somebody needing a loan

Love: Financial woes causing much stress, overspending for an occasion, jealousy with money

Career: Going over budget, needing to protect assets, shares and stocks

Health: Refusal to see the benefits of healthier living, bad habits taking over

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. If you can sense something coming, you are one of the lucky ones.

The Tower and Five of Pentacles

The Tower and the Five of Pentacles tell of lost fortune and fame. Desolation is rife and sudden as you enter a period of unease.

Life: Financial loss, career in trouble, lifestyle burden

Love: Sudden loss, regret, painful break ups

Career: Job loss or redundancy, business going bust, willingness to be open minded

Health: Depressive moods causing bad decisions, possible addiction from stress, low points mentally and physically

There is little use in mourning what you once had. As it stands, your focus needs to shift to what can you learn from this and where will it take you next?

The Tower and Six of Pentacles

The Tower and the Six of Pentacles Cause disruption where money grows. Like a bolt out of the blue, a shock awaits.

Life: Money issues, surprising news, loss in finances

Love: Break up and likely dividing assets, lack of affection, loss of support

Career: Sudden change or loss in job, demotion or redundancy, pay cut

Health: Unable to exercise, lack of support in your health endeavours, not feeling motivated

Just when you think everything is gliding along smoothly, a reminder that nobody and nothing is invincible rocks your world.

The Tower and Seven of Pentacles

The Tower and the Seven of Pentacles represent a financial awakening. Something big is coming your way, and I want you to be prepared for such a change.

Life: Financial change, exhaustion, impatience

Love: Frustrated with relations, things not working out, make or break

Career: Your efforts getting you nowhere, lack of motivation

Health: Fatigued, not doing anything to improve your health, needing to see a professional

We can save and prepare as much as we can, but sometimes, like a bolt of lightning, we are reminded that greater forces are at work.

The Tower and Eight of Pentacles

The Tower and the Eight of Pentacles represent your hard work causing explosive results. You get to decide if they are good or bad.

Life: Hard work, results, sudden change

Love: Sudden decisions,possible commitment, challenges in talking

Career: Surprising job offer, promotion, out of comfort zone

Health: Pushed to the limit, transformation in health, huge changes

It’s hard to tell if your karmic heart has directed you to a place of positivity or negativity, but when these cards meet, change in some form is certain.

The Tower and Nine of Pentacles

The Tower and the Nine of Pentacles represent your fruits being needed in a very sudden way. Somebody or something requires your immediate attention.

Life: Financial loans, your time needed, call to help

Love: Commitment that needs money such as a wedding, buying a house together

Career: Investing heavily into a business or job, requiring a loan

Health: Needing to make time for your health, potentially investing in products or services that will help you

You have to sometimes spend money to make more. This type of investment may not be what you ideally dreamt of, but you won’t have much choice.

The Tower and Ten of Pentacles

The Tower and the Ten of Pentacles want to together shake up the core of your tradition and values, and they don’t care how they do it.

Life: Tradition, conflict, values questioned

Love: Family arguments, disagreements on important matters, bickering

Career: Creative clashes at work, projects being rejected, work being questioned

Health: Regimes not working out for you, tried and tested methods failing, needing to seek new ways to improve health

When something is familiar, it doesn’t mean it will fit forever more. In order to grow, we sometimes need to allow change in, even if it seems unthinkable at the time.

The Tower and Page of Pentacles

The Tower and the Page of Pentacles are excitable in their quest for ambition. Preparation is needed however, for the rate of speed things change.

Life: Yearning for change, determined, encourages change

Love: Wanting more from love, knowing your worth, being brave enough to go it alone

Career: Unveiling grand ideas, setting a great example, pioneering new concepts

Health: Pushing yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, fierce in your goal setting

Nothing shifts your thought trail like a headstrong soul. You are that soul, and you are moving mountains with your desires.

The Tower and Knight of Pentacles

The Tower and the Knight of Pentacles are not ideal when it comes to stability. Of course you may wish and yearn for a life planned, but your Tower moment awaits!

Life: Acceptance, fast movement, seeking courage

Love: Knowing when something is over, questioning yourself, love out of sync

Career: Bad habits forming, needing a time out, taking on more than you can handle

Health: Doing too much, not enough rest, burning the candle at both ends

The pace of life does not always go as slow as you wish, You must be prepared for this and and move accordingly.

The Tower and Queen of Pentacles

The Tower and the Queen of Pentacles represent a shake up in your home life. This is something you are least expecting and take time to heal from.

Life: Home life, uncertainty, structure and routine changes

Love: Potential arguments, instability, trust issues, the feeling of not being listened to

Career: Hard work being ignored, unappreciated, lack of motivation

Health: Struggling to feel optimistic, sluggish, anxiety traits appearing

You usually like and work towards a certain status quo – but sometimes, just sometimes, things don’t go the way you plan.

The Tower and King of Pentacles

The Tower and the King of Pentacles are questioning your authority. Somebody or something is en route to sabotage your quest for success.

Life: Creating enemies, people not happy with you, unwilling to help or ask for help

Love: Bad moods causing problems at home, too busy to focus on love

Career: Somebody stirring or causing trouble, taking your work as theirs,

Health: Doing too much,injury during exercise, unwilling to motivate yourself

You won’t get far all the while you allow others to stand up ahead of you. You are warned that this is not very King like behaviour.

The Tower and Ace of Cups

The Tower and the Ace of Cups sees you into a very emotional time. Although chaos ensues, new beginnings come of it.

Life: New starts, brave decisions, upheaval

Love: Learning lessons in love, working towards a brighter future, intense healing

Career: Grasping new ideas at work, challenging current rules and regulations, seeking a new position

Health: Shaking up old habits, learning to process and heal past traumas

Like shedding your old skin, everything seems new and tender, but you have risen from disaster and averted tragedy. Be proud.

The Tower and Two of Cups

The Tower and the Two of Cups sees a crazy era of love entering your life, exactly when you expect it the least.

Life: Sudden and chaotic change, strong feelings, ill preparation

Love: Strong love, two souls colliding, strong forces at work

Career: Intense emotion surrounding projects, possible liquidation of the firm you are in, surprising offers

Health: Boundless energy, new recipes encouraging better health, holistic therapy

You can be sure of one thing here – you are going to mark this moment in history as one you will never forget.

The Tower and Three of Cups

The Tower and the Three of Cups bring forth sudden change and the need to celebrate, but all may not run smoothly.

Life: Gatherings, potential friction, conflict between loved ones

Love: Uncertainty, family arguments, disagreements with your soul

Career: Usual work environment shift, preparation for chaos, lots of overtime

Health: Entering new classes, health recommendations, help and support being offered

Nothing lasts forever, and if you can overcome these obstacles that prevent the usual serenity from occurring, you will be fine.

The Tower and Four of Cups

The Tower and the Four of Cups send you down to earth with a crash. You are disconnected and rival any potential offer of happiness with negative thoughts.

Life: Doom and gloom, inability to move forward, sad news altering your state of mind

Love: Being treated unfairly, inability to move on, moping over a lost love

Career: Feeling insecure in your work, people treating you with disrespect, going above and beyond with little gratitude from others

Health: Unmotivated, unwilling to try new things, depression

We can pause and reflect, but when too much happens at once, it is hard to see a way out. You will when you are ready, but you must constantly look.

The Tower and Five of Cups

The Tower and the Five of Cups signals loss, in its purest form. You’ve seen better days and you are stuck in grief.

Life: Sadness, grief, loss, despair

Love: Loss of a loved one, a break up, broken heart, inability to move on

Career: Job loss, rejections, feeling lost, unhappy in your current job

Health: Mental health, sleep problems, not eating well

Life is tough, but so are you. In these moments it is important to remember the good in our lives so that we can focus on balancing our state of mind.

The Tower and Six of Cups

The Tower and the Six of Cups represent moving out of your grief and being forced into a process of healing. You may not feel ready, but you are.

Life: Transformation, being pulled out of your sadness, moving on

Love: Healing from old wounds, undoing bad habits, new beginnings

Career: Learning from your mistakes, possible appraisal or review

Health: Sticking to health regimes, implementing change, desiring a better body and mind

When we are ready, we do heal. Yes, it takes time, but with the right attitude and a pure heart, anything is possible.

The Tower and Seven of Cups

The Tower and the Seven of Cups offer surprising choices for you, when you least expect it. Prepare for a multitude of change!

Life: Offers, awakening, goals being achieved, overcoming challenges

Love: Feeling confused, unsure which path to take, mixed feelings

Career: Job offers, choices in your career, sudden change in routine

Health: Feeling preoccupied, too much on your mind, ruminating, anxiety

We all love to have options, but when they come in their droves, it can be hard to see right from work. Choose wisely.

The Tower and Eight of Cups

The Tower and Eight of Cups transform your old ways to new. You are moving into an important phase of your life that is welcomed by both mind and heart.

Life: Awakening, spiritual change, learning and growth

Love: Leaving unhealthy relations, seeking a better life for yourself, realisation

Career: Quitting your job, setting u your own business or seeking better employment

Health: Breaking out of your comfort zone, saying yes to what once intimidated you, improvements in health

Isn’t life rosy when we take away fear? Erase those negative thoughts and you can be catapulted into a fine new life of exploration and happiness.

The Tower and Nine of Cups

The Tower and the Nine of Cups represent a final obstacle before contentment. Can you take on the challenge in order to get to your destination?

Life: One final battle, needing patience, strength, courage

Love: A potential talk with a loved one, clearing the air, recognising your faults

Career: Deadlines looming, asked to work late or overtime, wrapping up projects

Health: Undertaking tests, possible reflection on past bad habits, seeking help or support from a professional

We falter when we stop. As long as you keep moving, you are going towards where you want to go. You’ve come this far.

The Tower and Ten of Cups

The Tower and the Ten of Cups spark to life a sudden event that causes everything to change. Representing surprise and homecoming – you may want to hold on tight for this ride.

Life: Surprising news, possible celebration, important events

Love: Weddings or proposals, shocking admissions, meeting your soul mate

Career: Your confidence and attitude creating harmony and opportunity, fantastic job offers, learning new skills

Health: Playing team sports, joining a support group, making important decisions

News is better when everybody comes together at once to celebrate. Your worth is being held up and shown to all – and you were not expecting it.

The Tower and Page of Cups

The Tower and the Page of Cups offer a sudden element of innocence to distort your usual thought pattern- getting you out of a rut.

Life: Brand new ideas, healthier views, success in outcomes

Love: Sudden offer of love, surprise meets, rekindled flames

Career: Creative jobs calling you, new concepts and a balance in work/home life, projects being completed with recognition

Health: Discovering new concepts, meditation and yoga, calming aura surrounding mental health

When you look at something with brand new eyes, you see so much potential. Sometimes it is wise to leave something aside until you are ready to pick it up and adjust it accordingly.

The Tower and Knight of Cups

The Tower and the Knight of Cups want you to receive a sudden welcome message – not all surprises are bad!

Life: Pleasant news, possible offers, much needed positivity

Love: Open to emotions, displays of love, possible proposal

Career: New ideas circulating, responsible for good results, warm and welcoming colleague

Health: Good morals surrounding health, strong desire to try something new

Getting caught up in the day to day grind can seem never ending. Thank goodness for moments of joy like this, that whisk you off your feet.

The Tower and Queen of Cups

The Tower and the Queen of Cups Represent an incredibly strong female figure suddenly entering your life.

Life: Woman figure, sudden changes, surprise visit or meet

Love: Strong decisions made, stronger and deeper love, using your emotions in new ways

Career: A new female boss, empathic role, sudden job offer

Health: Calling for learning spirituality, meditation, yoga, chakra healing

Life sends us messages sometimes, and and others we get a strong calling from ourselves or another. Tune into these now.

The Tower and King of Cups

The Tower and the King of Cups represent struggling times embedded with a harmonious light. The King of Cups is the King of peace

Life: Powerfully peaceful manner, strong morals, logical in emergencies

Love: Avoiding arguments, talking through problems, responsible for your own actions

Career: Dedicated team player, approachable, loyal and reliable

Health: Mindfulness, harmonious body and soul, level headed

The Tower and Ace of Wands

The Tower and the Ace of Wands force you out of stagnation and into a fresh new dawn – whether you like it or not.

Life: Moving fast, out of comfort zone, energy needed

Love: Fast paced relations, sudden decisions, new opportunities

Career: Job offers, new responsibilities, sudden change in dynamics

Health: Energetic, new ideas for fitness, new regime starting

You’ve got the energy and drive to proceed with your dreams, and as you are thrust into the light, you take the world on with your creative spark.

The Tower and Two of Wands

The Tower and the Two of Wands together prepare you for something big that is about to happen. As plan, they may need to be changed at the last minute.

Life: Planning, plans changing, things not going as they should

Love: Unexpected news, a new path, either alone or with a soul, potential surprise holiday

Career: Slow progress, feeling impatient, planned projects

Health: Planning meals, potentially finding new recipes to soothe ailments, improving health

They walk alongside each other but rarely compliment your current situation. You need to ensure you meet your deadlines.

The Tower and Three of Wands

The Tower and the Three of Wands tell you that you must move fast, but you have the confidence to reach your destination safely.

Life: Strong head on shoulders, confident thinker, making progress

Love: Moving forward together, possible reconciliation, enjoying time together

Career: Potential travel for work, mobile job, growing business

Health: Fresh commitments, keeping to your word, fitness such as running or cycling

With fire and passion, you move forward. The pace does not detract you from your end goal, so keep going.

The Tower and Four of Wands

The Tower and the Four of Wands call upon you to take a sudden trip home – there may be news awaiting!

Life: Family, travel, home, tradition

Love: Gathering to celebrate love, wedding, anniversary, exciting love news

Career: Achieving your goals, work celebrations, family being proud, big contracts undertaken

Health: Accomplishing something huge like a marathon or training, raising money through fitness

Good news is always welcome, and when things feel a little stale or unhappy, the good news is even better.

The Tower and Five of Wands

The Tower and Five of Wands represent a period of conflict that you are entering. It looks likely to be a while before peace resumes.

Life: Getting your point across, not listening, lack of compromise

Love: Arguing, not being attentive, lack of empathy, potential break up

Career: Disagreeing on projects, wrong person taking the credit, official warnings

Health: Battle between body and soul, not tuning into your needs, forgetting to take care of yourself

Whilst we can clash from time to time, it is important to allow others to use their voice, If you speak and speak alone, you will find yourself alone as a result.

The Tower and Six of Wands

The Tower and the Six of Wands represent a surprise amount of success coming your way and it is all down to your hard work!

Life: Strength in adversity, courage, success

Love: Battling relationship issues, healing from past pain, celebrating your love

Career: Sudden public recognition, opportunity to develop skills, being thanked

Health: Showing off weight loss, celebrating milestones, plans working out

Sometimes it’s OK to stand up and tell the world what you accomplished. With pride, you should smile and bow, even when you least expect to.

The Tower and Seven of Wands

The Tower and the Seven of Wands call upon you to set boundaries and ensure that you life and those who matter do not get hurt in the chaotic process.

Life: Battles, conflict, facing struggles, needing to be assertive

Love: Fall outs, bickering, the desire to spend time alone

Career: Competition between colleagues, people wanting to steal your job, people taking credit for your work

Health: Fighting illness, needing to rest, ignoring warning signs

Sit down and work out how you are going to stop life encroaching on your plans. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to listen, listen. Do the right thing.

The Tower and Eight of Wands

The Tower and the Eight of Wands do not hold back – they are a double warning that things are happening fast and good or bad, there is nothing you can do about it.

Life: Fast pace, change, sudden surprise, potential chaos

Love: Make or break situation, learning unpleasant news, not prepared for what is ahead

Career: Career changing rapidly, sudden exams or courses in work,

Health: Suddenly needing to see a doctor, snap decision to be fitter and learn wellness, lots of energy

With speed like this, you will barely have time to think. It’s a good job you have the energy to keep up with destiny.

The Tower and Nine of Wands

The Tower and the Nine of Wands warn you that what is to come will turn your world upside down and leave you feeling weary.

Life: Fatigue, mental and physical disturbance, making very slow progress

Love: Betrayal, sudden bad news, needing to make a decision

Career: Work draining you, projects taking too long, losing interest in your current job

Health: Not sticking to goals, giving up too easily, unmotivated

You need to remind yourself that even if you are moving very slowly, you are still moving. When we are still, we stagnate. You are moving.

The Tower and Ten of Wands

The Tower and the Ten of Wands carry a heavy load together. The represent stressful times for you. You must listen to your heart.

Life: Little energy, bored, struggling, negative behaviour

Love: Lacking in love, not feeling yourself, drifting apart

Career: Losing interest in work, thinking about studying for another sector, uphill struggle to meet deadlines

Health: Not getting anywhere, not seeing results you would like, ignoring health warning signs

In times of grief or loss, we learn to grow and as we grow, we change. Know that you may not b in an ideal situation right now, but you will gain strength from it.

The Tower and Page of Wands

The Tower and the Page of Wands seek thrilling and exciting adventures together. With this duo, it will happen sooner than you think.

Life: Fast pace, thrill seeking, taking chances, lots of risk

Love: Seeking love in unconventional ways, Meeting someone usually not your type, possible travel for long distance love

Career: Stepping up the ladder, achieving success, taking chances

Health: Setting hard goals, getting your health check up, listening to advice

With a curious heart, you can sustain the fast changing pace of life that currently resides with you. I believe it is just what you need in order to get to the next chapter.

The Tower and Knight of Wands

The Tower and the Knight of Wands sends lots of energy out into the universe. Sure, you can move at a rapid rate, but is that always wise?

Life: Moving fast, not always thinking sensibly, rarely planning

Love: Forgetful with important dates, means well, consequences of not being thoughtful

Career: Disorganisation leading to meetings, good decisions but time not planned well

Health: Doing too much too soon, not thinking sensibly, possible injury

To go from one thing to the other may appear to be a good idea, but it is better to put all your focus onto more manageable chunks, in order to show your commitment and strength in finishing things.

The Tower and Queen of Wands

The Tower and Queen of Wands may be rushing together to tell you that starting a family is likely to be on the cards.

Life: Having children, fertility issues, individualism

Love: Starting a family, good communication, very committed

Career: Starting up your own business, thinking of innovative ideas, confident in presentations

Health: Preparing your body for childbirth, yoga, breathing exercises, seeing a fertility doctor

It isn’t easy to appear confident, but it comes naturally to a soul like you. The world is offering you exciting opportunities and very suddenly as well.

The Tower and King of Wands

The Tower and the King of Wands are a force to be reckoned with! Courageous and heroic, you can approach any emergency with gusto.

Life: Helping others suddenly, possible emergency, a great leader

Love: Taking charge of issues, wanting o be productive, positive changes

Career: Persevering, difficult job choices, being challenged

Health: Knowing what needs to be done, fixing ongoing injuries, seeking help in ailments

The energy you have dampens little by the fast paced life that you attract or live. Don’t be dampened by those who are jealous, just carry on being you.

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