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My name is Isabella and my crown might be on my head but you could say that its true place is in my heart. I use tarot cards to open the door of your destiny because my love, you are royalty as well.

The tarot cards were created in the same place my bloodline originates from, Italy holds many more secrets than just the art of making a good pizza. My destiny as a tarot reader was already planned even before I was born. You could say that my fate was already written in the stars.

The cards guide me to places where I find the answers that you are searching for, but I have to warn you that sometimes the answer might not be what you were hoping to hear.

One thing that you should know about me is that I don’t sugarcoat the truth, after all, I’m not only known for my royal blood but also for my royal honesty.

When I read the cards, I will be bluntly honest but I guarantee you that you will not leave my sight feeling lost nor confused. As a Queen, I will never leave anyone drifting away without a symbol of hope. That’s my promise as a reader.

As you may know, tarot can lighten up your path and although the cards may not always be clear, that’s why I’m here, I can understand their whispering and read between the lines. After all, I learned tarot even before I learned to give my first steps.

Oh dear, look at the time, I swear that if you allow me to talk about myself, I will never stop. But enough about me, I am sure that you are more interested to hear the cards, so are you ready to find what the cards have to tell you?

You, me, and the tarot cards have a lot to discuss…

But first things first – turn the omen card below and see what you get.

card back with omen
9 of hearts card reading


An excellent card that, which in isolation means satisfaction, great joy, success.
Anything that causes you pain is reversed or mitigated by this happy card.
Only one exception makes it less favourable; it is when it is placed between two Aces or two cards of the same rank.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: A short-lived pleasure.
Heart ♥: Satisfaction in love. – Loyalty.
Diamond ♦: Unexpected happiness.
Club ♣: Success in all your business endeavours.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Victory in a dispute or court trial.
Heart ♥: Great joy. – Fulfilment of all your desires.
Diamond ♦: Pleasure trip. Holiday trip that will be very enjoyable. Love adventure involving a trip.
Club ♣: Reconciliation with a friend.

The Nine of hearts placed between two aces means: Fall or failure without any serious damage.
Between two cards of the same value: Frustrated pleasure. – A friend’s departure. Cooling of an intimate relationship.

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Let me show you a little glimpse of what makes me the Queen of Tarot…

I have handpicked some very good questions that you had for the tarot and together we are going to find out what the cards have to tell you.


Question: “He blocked me on social media, will he unblock me?”

Queen Isabella: Oh dear, getting banished is not a very nice feeling, so I share your pain. But people usually shut the door when they are afraid of what’s on the other side. The cards tell me that the bond that you both had got broken quite radically and you’ve both exhausted your energy while trying to undertake the others kingdom. My father always told me that a kind heart conquers far more victories than a sour soul, so you might be able to understand his pain now that you know he’s not trying to hurt you but to heal his soul. The cards are telling you to heal your broken heart and allow your lover to cope with the pain that is haunting him. Give it some time and when things look less blurry make amends, but allow him to heal his bleeding bruises first.

Question: “Why isn’t he in love with me?”

Queen Isabella: I also share your hardships with my beautiful soul, as I also loved the wrong gentleman that did not return my feelings, so as a royal I had to link my heart to someone else that my dear old father decided to be my king. But the cards tell me that you haven’t shown him the real you. Could that perhaps be the reason why you can’t see his love? What are you afraid of? The cards are whispering that you are projecting what you’re foreseeing rather than what he is feeling. Could your perception of love be different for your chosen knight? Open yourself up before you can make a decision, and only then may you have the answer that you are looking for.

Question: “If a guy loves you, what will he do?”

Queen Isabella: I have learned to understand that men can be rather proud of their feelings, but their soul has no barriers. The eyes are the door to the soul, so through them, you will know what his heart is screaming for and if you pay close attention you may just hear its calling. He might show you his affection for you through little gestures and offerings. And when your eyes meet you shall see his love for you. Pay close attention to his actions rather than his words, as it speaks louder than any loud voice could.

Question: “Should I go on a date with him?”

Queen Isabella: Decisions are hard, I do understand your hesitation. After all, I do have to run a kingdom all on my own and every soul depends on my decisions. But there is a simple answer to your question. The cards tell me that you are a very intuitive person, but you do not always listen. So deep inside you already know the answer to your question. But if you allow a Queen’s intervention, then you shall know that unless you try you will never unveil what it could be…

Question: “Do they really want a relationship?”

Queen Isabella: Relationships are like a kingdom, they need everyone to come together and work as one, or else the wall of the castle would rather crumble by the wars burning inside our hearts. Your heart is the answer to your quest my dear. But if you are questioning it, it may mean that you are ready but doubting your own abilities to allow someone else to love you. The cards are showing me the heartbreak that you have encountered during your hard journey. You are afraid to let go of your heart’s pieces because you think it won’t stay put, so how can you allow some else to inflict another stab into its fragile walls? But until you let go of those familiar voices echoing the memories of a bad villain, you won’t be able to see the brave knight right in front of you. Love is an adventure, but also plenty of duties. You are ready to take upon such incredible responsibility, but you need to let go of the past and embrace your new quest in the chase of your happy ever after.

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Thank You for Reading Queen Isabella Home Page

You have survived wars and unfairness of the ones who you devoted your love the most, but you are still here. So straighten up that crowd and be the queen or king that you were born to be. The door of my palace shall remain always open and waiting for your visit.

I rule my kingdom with my royal crowd, but when it comes to my cards, I only use my heart.

Queen Isabella.

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