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Oh, who is that?

Behind the cottage

A woman so slim and tall

Whose eyes can see through your soul

That is her only goal

She loves mysteries, you see

A lie never goes free

You will never fool the lady of the cottage

She is too experienced for that

Are you happy? she would ask

Yes, you would reply

But she already knows that’s a lie

The woman who sings to the stars

And loves to chat

So, who is that?


It’s Lady Dawn

Lady dawn ornament 02

Hello beautiful souls, you’ve probably heard about me. I’m the Lady of the cottage, Lady Dawn. Welcome to my forest of starlight. You seem lost, dear. Don’t worry, come in. I’ll make you a cup of tea.

Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you in any way.

Days are very peaceful here in the forest. When you don’t have to deal with human beings, I find everything is easier and less stressful. I see that you agree with me.

I could really spend the whole day watching the stunning trees move by the wind. Deers come by to greet me in the morning, little squirrels run around my home all the time. Although I must confess not everything is as I’d like. My little cottage is not just mine anymore, there are hundreds of snails all around my home. Why not butterflies or birds? I find snails quite boring to watch all night long.

Anyways, I’m sure you’re not here to hear me talk about my snail pest.

So, let me see your face dear. I recognize fear and uncertainty.

Here, take a cup of tea. You see, fear is something I see commonly in human beings. They’re always so scared it makes me laugh. I hope it’s not because of my little cottage, it’s not very modern, I know. But I try my best.

Tell me, why are you scared?

Is that new job you got? Is that test approaching? Is the money you lost? Or maybe the new child that was born?

Is it, perhaps, love? Lady Dawn knows it all.

Lady dawn ornament 01

You don’t have to be scared, dear. Life is a gift. Out of everything I’ve told you today, if there’s anything I wish you remember, other than my problem with the snails, is that everything is temporary, nothing will last forever, my beautiful soul. So, don’t be scared at all, you are a warrior.

Look at the stars, aren’t they beautiful? They’re my companions every night. I sing a song every day and wish them farewell before dawn. In return, they always shine bright.

Today, I want you to look at the stars and wish, wish for your dreams, they will answer right away, do you think you can do it?

Oh, don’t look at me like that for I listen to countless dreams every night.

People love to talk, I may add.

Have you finished your tea? Then let’s go for a walk. I can’t wait to show you all the life the rises at night in the forest of starlight.

Let me show what true miracles are like

Don’t be scared

Lady Dawn will lead the way

Lady dawn ornament 03
Lady dawn ornament 04

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