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Frequently Asked Questions about Virgo Tarot reading

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One of Earth signs, the mythology behind Virgo is connected to the harvest and, more specifically, to wheat. This make sense for the hard-working, eager-to-provide Virgo. As a rule, Virgos tend to be givers and want to make sure their friends and family are taken care of. Not only that, but Virgos will want to help build up their communities in whatever way they feel they can best provide support. Due to the fact that this sign is incredibly logical, most Virgos prefer to offer practical assistance that offers a real, physical impact instead of something more intangible.

Virgos are faithful and kind, even when occasionally misread as standoffish due to their perfectionist nature. They are highly observant, sometimes to their detriment, as this can be overwhelming and turn into anxiety because they can overthink. Even with this tendency or perhaps because of it, a Virgo is an excellent partner to have in business and in life. Here we will explore this dynamic sign to learn how to best appreciate and support them.

The main virgo tarot card

The tarot card that represents Virgo is The Hermit.

The Hermit is a card of insight and introspection, of taking a step back to know yourself and what is important to you. For the patient and pragmatic Virgo, this may seem like a given but there is a deeper message here. When a Virgo is focused on giving and helping others, they may forget their own well-being and need to be reminded to include themselves in their care. This card encourages taking time for yourself, away from the noise of others, in order to stay centered.

This card shows a solitary figure holding a light, a symbol of guidance and leadership. The Hermit – and Virgos – enjoy sharing the knowledge that has been earned through careful thought and experience. It represents a teacher, perhaps not in the sense of a career, but certainly in the way that you want to help show people how to not just do things, but also succeed and thrive in general.

This card can also be a reminder that you’ve spent too much time alone and need to rejoin society to keep the perceptive that you so value.

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The Hermit has a Major Arcana companion in The Moon. The Moon suggests that you remember to look inward and trust your own intuition, which Virgos don’t necessarily need to be reminded to do. What Virgos do need reminded about, however, is to embrace their wild side and the unknown – a challenge for many of us, but especially for such a practical sign. The bigger message here, then, may be that sometimes we feel pulled towards things without explanation or that we may lack tangible evidence for the things we want and feel, but that doesn’t mean these things aren’t good ideas.

Earth signs such as Virgo are connected to the Minor Arcana suite of Pentacles. Pentacles often points to finances, skills, hard work, and the more physical things in the world. While in a Virgo reading, there are likely to be more than a few Pentacles coming up, don’t be surprised if the Eight of Pentacles makes an appearance. This card is heavily connected with the dedicated and reliable Virgo sign because it celebrates the hard work that Virgos put into their work and their hobbies. This card points to a mastery of a skill, but reminds us that we can’t work simply for the recognition or reward we expect that the end – we need to enjoy ourselves in the process.

The Ten of Pentacles may also show up more often than other cards. This card represents security, stability, and wealth. It says that all the hard work has paid off and now there is a sense of safety in not just your career, but also with your family and community. It asks Virgos to take a step back and look at everything they have done to impact the people in their orbit. It also reminds them that there is more going on than what is happening inside their own bubble and that it is okay to keep an open mind to new experiences and views, especially when they feel a sense of security.

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Given the cards that align with Virgos, it’s obvious that the cards see them for the hard-working and logical sign that they are. With such a strong connection to Pentacles, it is worth pointing out that that doesn’t mean that Virgos are overly concerned about money. It more means that they are concerned with how to be certain that they and their loved ones will be taken care of. They want the people they love to have what they deserve and will work tirelessly to give them those things. They are a faithful sign and if a Virgo tells you they will do something, it’s practically guaranteed that they will.

The fact that both The Hermit and The Moon are connected to Virgo means that they are very insightful and observant, but because this sign is represented by The Hermit it points to a more cautious take on their insights. Virgos will need to look at their options and think of what may come, preferring a logical and meticulously considered path rather than quick action. Perhaps because of all this thinking, they are very kind in nature and want to make things easier on the people around them.

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Virgos, like all Earth signs, pair especially well with Water signs. Their feet-on-the-ground nature means that the more flexible Water signs will keep them from getting stuck in their ways. This is especially good for Virgos, who can be stubborn. As The Hermit and The Moon are connected cards, Virgos often do very well when matched with a Pisces, because the intuitive water sign will understand when Virgo needs to retreat a bit.

Due to their need to provide, Virgos are very happy to be in relationships with people who let them demonstrate their love through tangible acts. This is how they show they care – not just with big gestures, but also by smaller things that show they noticed something and wanted to provide a simple pleasure. Virgos are the type that would bring home milk because they saw you were running low or buy you a type of chocolate bar that they’ve seen you enjoy. Don’t make a big deal out of it, but do remember to thank them and not take these things for granted. Virgos may not be an hyper-emotional sign, but they do need appreciation.

The Eight of Pentacles points to the commitment that Virgos bring to their relationships. They give their all to the people they let in and will focus their intense energy on them. This card also points to how this sign learns through experience, which means that they may unconsciously compare their new relationships to their old ones in order to understand the way the relationship is working.

If you are dating a Virgo, you can expect to be surprised by small tokens of their appreciation. Much like they will remember to do small things for you, if you remember to return the gesture then you’ll have a very happy partner by your side.

If you are the Virgo partner, you need to keep in mind that not everyone has the same attention to detail that you do. Your perfectionism pays off well in many areas, but can be challenging for other people to live up to. Use some of the natural patience that makes you such a good teacher and find a solution that both of you can be happy with.

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The Three of Pentacles is inherently a positive card to have in a relationship as it suggests learning, growth, and the building of a foundation. It reminds you to cooperate with your partner, not just let them rely on you. Your independence is fantastic and probably one of the things your loved ones admire about you, but you likely have a tendency to shut people out and keep to yourself when frustrated or hurt. This card just wants you to let your partner in and work together on building the beautiful life that you both deserve.

virgo tarot reading for breakups

Since Virgos are big believers that you get out what you put into something, they are often willing to work hard to find a solution when a relationship is ending. They may have a hard time seeing the relationship as it is and not as it appears on paper, which sometimes means after a break-up, Virgos have a hard time letting go. This is more likely to be true if it was the other party who did the leaving because when a Virgo is ready to end a relationship, they will provide you with reasons of why this relationship no long serves either of you.

Virgos going through heartbreak shouldn’t be surprised to find the Queen of Pentacles in their readings. This points to a sort of retreat and return to home – perhaps not literally, but certainly in terms of the community that Virgos surround themselves with. This card reminds them not to close themselves off, but to let others care for them. This encourages Virgos to seek out the nurturers in their lives and let themselves relax into the very community they have so proudly built while they heal.

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The cards connected to Virgos celebrate their work ethic and leadership abilities. This points to how often this sign become a leader and provider in their circles and how much they want to give back to the community in which they are a part of. Virgos naturally want to build up the people they feel connected to, but don’t want to call attention to themselves while doing so.

Probably because of how much time they spend thinking, but Virgos are very intelligent and nearly always will have multiple plans for how to accomplish something. They pay attention to the world around them and learn from experience. Virgo are fiercely dedicated to their inner circle and surround themselves with the people that fit the values that they cherish.


Some of the things that are so amazing about Virgos are also some of their more negative traits. Being able to take a step back and carefully think things through is a great quality, but Virgos have a tendency to take it too far and become anxious and worried about things that aren’t just beyond their control, but also about thing that possibly haven’t even happened yet. Their observational skills may become overwhelming at times if they can’t turn it off and relax.

The solitary nature of The Hermit card points to this, but it also suggests another common trait seen within Virgos. Virgos are more on the perfectionist side of things than most signs, which means they can be frustrated and annoyed when others fail to meet their exacting standards.

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The cards suggest that Virgos consider the Two of Cups, a card of partnership and community. While it can point to romantic relationships, suggesting that Virgos let their partners in more, it more points to any strong connection. This card recognizes the desire to close yourself off, Virgo, but for all the work you do to really pay off with great things, you will need to let others help. This can also be considered from a provider standpoint – how can you give people what they need if you don’t get close enough to see what they are missing?

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Virgos are less likely than some signs to take advice without clearly seeing the logic behind it, so it’s likely that their readings will have more Pentacles in them so that they can see a clear reflection of their own nature. Virgos will likely find themselves using tarot cards more to try to understand their own uncertainty in a situation or, perhaps, to learn more about more emotional situations. They also are more likely to get more out of a reading after they’ve had some time to think about the message from the cards and get a feel for how it connects to their present life.

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Quick Virgo Facts

Dates: August 23 – September 22

Card: The Hermit

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Colors: Yellows and Browns

Quality: Mutable

Stone: Peridot

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