The Tower and The Devil
The Tower and The Devil

The Tower and The Devil cards together – what do they mean?

The Tower and The Devil mostly serve to warn you in their paired interpretation. With not much to fulfil your life, you are not gauntleted smooth sailing all the while you allow material gains to guide your spirit.

Life: Addiction, self sabotage leading to poor decisions

Love: Allowing love to die, not willing to work on problems, taking love for granted

Career: Sabotaging your chances of success, taking advantage of situations

Health: Ignoring what your body needs, not listening to yourself, overindulging

Time to take stock of your life if these two appear together. We cannot go through life pretending problems don’t exist, especially if they are happening right in front of us.

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However, take care not to not rush into it. You will gain better karma if you are considerate and attentive to your inner voice.

The Tower Interpretation

The Tower is a chaotic structure of change.

There are moments in your life where you fear upheaval. What if this shift impacts you in ways you are ill prepared for? You panic, having no option but to ride the wave of unfamiliarity with your breath held and your eyes closed. Your white knuckle ride is alive and kicking.

If you pause, just for a moment and open one eye, you might notice something in your surroundings that brings you peace or at the very least reassurance that soon all will be well. Foundational shifts temporarily cause confusion and aren’t suited to those who prefer the quieter, more balanced aspects of life.

Through loss and trauma, you discover a dimension of yourself that never existed afore. You wipe the steam from the mirror, look at your weary eyes and you see a small spark of strength. In endings, you turn the page and begin to write the next chapter. You are your own resurrection.

‘You fall fast from me and into the unknown, but it is there you find your true self’ – The Tower

The Devil Interpretation

The Devil likes to disregard all that sets his soul free.

You may be feeling the lack of heart warming fulfilment in your life. You might buy something or turn to empty activities in a vain attempt to solidify those gaps, but in turn you are making the situation worse for yourself.

This excess living, whilst momentarily sets you free, leads you further and further into the corner of a room that you don’t see as a place that serves you well. ‘How did I get here?’ you ask yourself from time to time. Instead of figuring this out, you turn to more materialistic ways to cope.

This excess living shows up in love, as the focus lies on you and you alone and little regard for your souls feelings. In work you may be feeling trapped or purposely ruining opportunities that come your way. You are likely to spend carelessly, with little time to worry about where your money goes. You may want to rethink the way you are moving forward in life.

‘I feel empty and alone, even in a room full of people’ – The Devil

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