The Tower and Seven Of Swords
The Tower and 7 of swords

The Tower and Seven of Swords cards together – what do they mean?

The Tower and the Seven of Swords remind you that as masterful as your wits are, they are not unbreakable and instead will likely cause disaster.

Life: Sly behaviour, consequences, destructive behaviour

Love: Potential infidelity, resentful, jealous, break up

Career: Work changes, job demotion or redundancy, meetings with your boss to discuss work and behaviour

Health: Depression, refusing to seek help, ignoring messages from your body

Part of The Tower’s meaning is to awaken your senses, and I truly hope it does for you here as you are faced with your own dishonesty.

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However, take care not to not rush into it. You will gain better karma if you are considerate and attentive to your inner voice.

The Tower Interpretation

The Tower is a chaotic structure of change.

There are moments in your life where you fear upheaval. What if this shift impacts you in ways you are ill prepared for? You panic, having no option but to ride the wave of unfamiliarity with your breath held and your eyes closed. Your white knuckle ride is alive and kicking.

If you pause, just for a moment and open one eye, you might notice something in your surroundings that brings you peace or at the very least reassurance that soon all will be well. Foundational shifts temporarily cause confusion and aren’t suited to those who prefer the quieter, more balanced aspects of life.

Through loss and trauma, you discover a dimension of yourself that never existed afore. You wipe the steam from the mirror, look at your weary eyes and you see a small spark of strength. In endings, you turn the page and begin to write the next chapter. You are your own resurrection.

‘You fall fast from me and into the unknown, but it is there you find your true self’ – The Tower

Seven Of Swords interpretation

The Seven Of Swords will do what it takes to get his own way.

My advice to souls is to always dream big, but dream with care and conscience. If you pull this card, you are the master of trickery when it comes to getting what you want. This isn’t something you should really be proud of, as you feign and fake your way to the top, pushing aside those souls with purer intentions. Does it matter to you whom you hurt in the process? I’ve a feeling not.

Curious as you may be to spread lies or rumours, or spare the feelings of loved ones, you are going to end up sad and alone, with nobody putting their trustful heart your way. In love this could result in affairs or the air of suspicion as you go about your dishonest ways.

There may be jealousy at work, with you in the centre of the negativity. Do you want to be seen as somebody who compares themselves to others to get ahead, or do you want your natural talent to shine through and be noticed? This is a time to really stop and ask yourself if you like the road you are travelling. Redemption is advisable.

‘I stamp on hearts in my race to the top’ – Seven Of Swords

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