The Hermit and Wheel of Fortune
The Hermit and Wheel of Fortune

The Hermit and The Wheel Of Fortune – what does it mean?

The Hermit and The Wheel Of Fortune represent an inner journey of discovery and healing. This bodes well for you when times get tough.

Life: Life cycles, healing, recovery, new beginnings, learning something new

Love: Endings and beginnings, feeling alone, temporary changes

Career: Changes in mood at work, sensing disruption, noticeable desire to work alone

Health: Potential uphill climb, obstacles in the way, needing to view life differently and recharge

There may be times you feel alone and other times you simply want to be alone. Either way, you you use your time wisely and know this feeling won’t last long, you will see a new dawn.

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The Hermit interpretation

The Hermit pauses when it is necessary.

You have survived a whirlwind and are eager to begin a new era but first, introspection awaits. During a previous time, you acquired spiritual skills previously unknown to you. Now you hold the cards, you must await in solitude for your next move. You do not stand in darkness, using your light as your beacon of hope, radiating in the distorted sky.

Never be fooled that standing still means lack of progression or the inability to push yourself. You are aware that a pause like this creates the energy and contemplation needed to commit yourself to future endeavours that will no doubt see you channelling your focus.

In love, life and career, you consider your next steps. Everything you need is inside you, and when in a reflective state, you can search away from the hustle and bustle of distraction. In your disconnect is where you find and overcome any negative force that battles your current state.

‘I stand alone but I stand tall in the search for myself’ – The Hermit

Wheel Of Fortune Interpretation

The Wheel Of Fortune spins for you, and your destiny awaits.

Do you ever feel something will never end? The Wheel Of Fortune spins ferociously as you watch, awaiting where it will stop. You imagine a life of ease but the Wheel reminds you that with good comes bad. It soothes this reminder with the notion that everything is temporary, and that your heart recovers well in troubled times.

Forces are at work in your life, dear soul. You notice how summer turns to autumn, and winter turns to spring. Just as they change, we are ready for a new start. Rather than embrace what we are losing, walk tall into a new day. You do this well in love, either together or apart.

The cycle of life is upon you, so embrace each new dawn with fortitude. Luck is on your side, even when you feel a heavy burden on your back. Your life is evolving and the changes are tangible. I believe that if you treat your life right now as a flowing river, you will learn to ride the current and travel freely.

‘I ebb and flow just like the tides with the mystical moon’ – The Wheel Of Fortune

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Lady Avalon of The Night

Majesty of the Rivers and Mists

I am Lady Avalon of The Night
A blessed being in disguise
My hair flows freely in the breeze
My guidance helps you feel at ease.

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