The Hermit and The Hanged Man
The Hermit and The Hanged Man

The Hermit and The Hanged Man – what does it mean?

The Hermit and The Hanged Man don’t like to meet in a reading. There is conflict in your mind about your next step, creating hesitance.

Life: Conflicting thoughts and actions, uncertainty, intellect

Love: Unsure on what you want, needing to make a choice but holding off

Career: Slacking at work, losing your momentum, making excuses to not complete work

Health: Looking at your health from a different angle, wanting to erase your bad habits, procrastinating

You can most certainly take your time in life, after all a rushed plan never ends well. What about the other end of the scale? Don’t take too long.

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The Hermit interpretation

The Hermit pauses when it is necessary.

You have survived a whirlwind and are eager to begin a new era but first, introspection awaits. During a previous time, you acquired spiritual skills previously unknown to you. Now you hold the cards, you must await in solitude for your next move. You do not stand in darkness, using your light as your beacon of hope, radiating in the distorted sky.

Never be fooled that standing still means lack of progression or the inability to push yourself. You are aware that a pause like this creates the energy and contemplation needed to commit yourself to future endeavours that will no doubt see you channelling your focus.

In love, life and career, you consider your next steps. Everything you need is inside you, and when in a reflective state, you can search away from the hustle and bustle of distraction. In your disconnect is where you find and overcome any negative force that battles your current state.

‘I stand alone but I stand tall in the search for myself’ – The Hermit

The Hanged Man Interpretation

The Hanged Man suspends his thoughts and actions, uncertain of his next move.

Although you hang in the moment between stagnation and action, you are making the most of this time by using your thoughts to gain traction once more. You may sometimes feel as though nothing is developing as you await your next step patiently, but there is action bubbling under the surface.

Your heart knows that important aspects of life cannot be rushed. Love sometimes takes time, and you cope fairly with biding your time and waiting for the right moment. You may feel uncertain about your current job and want to think about your next steps. We are all allowed a change of heart and in the planning, we prepare for success.

Right now, as you sacrifice your time, you are seeing the world and your options from a different angle. It is like stepping out of the picture to admire the scenery. There is no urgency in your mind, and this natural pause will offer clarity and contemplation.

‘I shift my perspective, and in pausing, I plan my next move’ – The Hanged Man

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