The Hermit and Ten Of Wands
The Hermit and 10 of wands

The Hermit and Ten Of Wands – what does it mean?

The Hermit and the Ten Of Wands together do not use their alone time for good. Stress can become high.

Life: Struggling in stressful situations, being tired amongst your help towards others

Love: Not putting yourself first enough, pulling back and overthinking scenarios

Career: Heavy job load, trying too hard to move ahead in your career

Health: Overdoing physical exercise, spending too much time working on yourself in an attempt for perfection

You mustn’t use the good of the world to burden your heart. You are feeling tired and all this time you are spending alone is not the right balance for you at this time.

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The Hermit interpretation

The Hermit pauses when it is necessary.

You have survived a whirlwind and are eager to begin a new era but first, introspection awaits. During a previous time, you acquired spiritual skills previously unknown to you. Now you hold the cards, you must await in solitude for your next move. You do not stand in darkness, using your light as your beacon of hope, radiating in the distorted sky.

Never be fooled that standing still means lack of progression or the inability to push yourself. You are aware that a pause like this creates the energy and contemplation needed to commit yourself to future endeavours that will no doubt see you channelling your focus.

In love, life and career, you consider your next steps. Everything you need is inside you, and when in a reflective state, you can search away from the hustle and bustle of distraction. In your disconnect is where you find and overcome any negative force that battles your current state.

‘I stand alone but I stand tall in the search for myself’ – The Hermit

Ten Of Wands Interpretation

The Ten Of Wands is experiencing struggle and heavy burden.

I want to offer you a hug, because I know what it is like to be the one everybody relies on in times of need. You give yourself so freely that you leave little energy or force for yourself. At the end of each day, little has been accomplished by you yet you are drained of life. You feel obligated, however, to continue this pursuit, not necessarily because it makes you feel good, but to ensure the comfort of others.

Those who are in need, turn to kind hearts for support. You have been called due to your experiences with struggle in the past. It made you strong and aware of how others may falter from time to time but you must also stop and breathe every now and then. You cannot help others if you have nothing to give.

There is likely stress in your relations, some sort of outer force expelling pain and sorrow into your souls. Try to recognise this as well as being overworked in your job and lay down your load. Energy is not something we can give to another, you have to feel it from within. Burdens can leave us preoccupied, so leave a light of hope on in your heart.

‘I want for others to have a warm home, so I pass them my kindling’ – Ten Of Wands

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Lady Avalon of The Night

Majesty of the Rivers and Mists

I am Lady Avalon of The Night
A blessed being in disguise
My hair flows freely in the breeze
My guidance helps you feel at ease.

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