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Frequently Asked Questions about Taurus Tarot reading

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Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, so it’s no surprise that they have quite the reputation for being stubborn! What’s harder to move than a mountain? It’s important to remember that stubbornness is only seen as a negative quality when it goes against something, otherwise it’s called devotion, and that’s something this sign has in spades. When they are settled, Taurus is a reliable sign that can be counted on to stick to the routines that keeps them stable and happy. They have no trouble finishing tasks that they have set for themselves.

This sign is ruled by Venus, which means that they are one of the most sensual signs. This means more than just romance – it means luxury. Taurus are drawn to beauty in all things, preferring to surround themselves with lovely things. Don’t be surprised if a Taurus expresses a strong opinion on the type of lighting they prefer in a room or keeps their kitchen stocked with high-quality brands.

This is a sign that likes to appreciate and be appreciated, so let’s take a closer look so that they can be seen properly.

The main taurus tarot card

Taurus is represented in the Major Arcana by The Hierophant.

The Hierophant is a card that understands the value and wisdom that we can gain from our traditions and, in many ways, from the past. This card values the institutions that guide us and while it often specifically points to a sort of spiritual mentor, it really includes many different types of leaders. Often a creature of habit, Taurus tends to appreciate the structure and guidance that can come from past rituals and values the stability that comes from patterns. This card can point to a traditional way of doing things and to the desire to not want to ruffle any feathers. Taurus can share in this ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality, so it’s no surprise that they would see themselves in this card.

While this card celebrate traditions and history, the mentor aspect to it also suggests a love of knowledge itself. After all, how can we appreciate the past if we don’t learn about it? Sometimes this means that we discover the darker side to the structures that make up our lives and this leads to the rebellious aspect of The Hierophant. If it doesn’t align with your values, then you need to get rid of it and find something new that does and start some new rituals that serve you better.

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In the Major Arcana, the card that corresponds with The Hierophant is Temperance. This card represents finding the power and magic that can come with stillness and finding a middle ground, something that can be a bit of a challenge for Taurus. It does point to the patience that Taurus is famed for, something that is best seen in their ability to focus and work towards their goals.

The Minor Arcana suit that corresponds with Earth signs is Pentacles, which means that Taurus may find themselves relating to different cards within the suit. This is especially true for the King of Pentacles, a card that recognizes the stability that Taurus likes to offer to those around them. This card often points to leading with kindness and providing to those that they consider to be under their care. It also represents richness, but while Pentacles tend to relate back to monetary wealth, it is important to remember that there are many types of wealth. Don’t let the love of luxury that this sign has lead you to believe that they are snobby.

Another card that will resonate with Taurus is the Seven of Pentacles. This card represents the hard work that it takes to grow as a person and in life. While some signs may shy away from such a task, if a Taurus decides that they want to change, they are willing to put in the work and they typically succeed. This card also encourages us to recognize the magic that makes up our daily lives. Simply put: appreciate what you have, what you’ve done, where you’ve come from. There is a beauty in simplicity and this card suggests that Taurus remember that.

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Taurus love routine, even though they hate to admit it. That isn’t to say that they like repetition, in fact, they normally find such things boring even when they find comfort in knowing what to expect. It’s more that they like mastering skills and the stability that a casual routine allows them. The Hierophant supports this sign’s impulse to avoid change and encourages them to seek out like-minded people, but at the same time it reminds them that not all change is bad. If a Taurus initiates the change, they will still feel in control of the situation.

This card also references the more rebellious streak that Taurus has when they feel their values challenged. While they want to honor their pasts and their routines, they are unlikely to continue to act in ways that they know hurt people that they care about. Taurus is a very loyal sign and they are willing to make new traditions to include others in their lives. Their stubborn nature means that when they decide to make a change, they fully commit to it.

taurus love tarot interpretation

The fact that The Hierophant, as Taurus, and that Temperance, the card representing Sagittarius, are connected seems to suggest that these signs may be a good match for each other despite the fact that they are so opposite. It may be that this is more of a suggestion to the responsible Taurus that it’s okay to loosen up a little and get a little wild. In fact, The Hierophant often reminds us to let go of the conventional when it no longer works for us – a reminder that Taurus needs from time to time.

This sign is very sensual, as anything connected to Venus would be, and this makes for a very passionate and dedicated partner. Taurus is more like to embrace this side of themselves with some structure, but if you let them think it was their idea, they are far more likely to go outside of their comfort zone.

As The Hierophant is a card that signals wisdom and love of learning, it’s no surprise that Taurus will want to be with someone who can mesh with them on an intellectual level. The Seven of Pentacles supports this with the idea of a shared goal reached through teamwork – something that Taurus can only truly manage when they feel someone is their equal.

If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, you can look forward to some very intense romance. Their love of luxury means they will want to spoil their partners. This level of devotion can sometimes lead them to being a bit needy, as they feel they give so much. Don’t forget to help them keep the romance alive – even if their standards are high, they will appreciate the effort.

If you are the Taurus in a relationship, it’s important to remember that even when your partner has needs and values that fall outside of your routines, it isn’t a rejection of you. Keep an open mind to new ways to do things that will help both of you feel heard. Even though it isn’t your strongest skill, compromise may be another way to show your partner how dedicated you are to their happiness.

taurus tarot advice

The Four of Cups encourages Taurus to look at new opportunities and directions. This card often points out that we aren’t really seeing the things that are in front of us – maybe we are taking something for granted or maybe we just need a reality check to show us that we are avoiding accepting a situation for what it is. Taurus can sometimes fall into a rut and not look for a way out of it, convinced that the way things are is how they will always be. This card points out that sometimes all that’s needed is a look with fresh eyes.

taurus tarot reading for breakups

Patient Taurus is one of the signs that is more likely to stay too long in a relationship and fight for it. If they still believe there is hope for the happy ending that they had planned on, they will struggle to let go and move on. They will argue quite passionately in order to keep someone they love with them. Part of this relates to the somewhat possessive nature of this sign, but this also means that when they decide the relationship is over – it is over.

A heartbroken Taurus may find the King of Swords in their readings, representing their own ability to make a decision and stick to it. This sign can see things in black and white, especially when they are hurt, and be unable to see another point of view. This card doesn’t discourage Taurus and their ability to over-rationalize something as a protective measure, but rather points out that they should use this rationality to remember that things are very rarely one-sided. Taurus can get overwhelmed and angry in this type of situation, so it is important to let go of people and move on for their own healing, but to do so without going scorched earth on their former partner.

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The cards overwhelming point out the stable nature of this sign. Taurus thrive with structure, especially when they have created it for themselves. They can be very patient and often find a certain value in waiting and working towards something. Taurus isn’t afraid to work hard and tend to relish having more responsibility in a work environment. This sign loves the finer things in life and takes a lot of pleasure from earning them by themselves. While this sign is not famous for it, they are also very family oriented – something that perhaps comes from their love of tradition and their own roots.


The stubbornness of this sign is legendary, though shouldn’t be unexpected. It takes a lot of stubbornness to keep up with traditions and routine, especially in the fast-paced world that we live in today. Taurus dislikes change and uncertainty, it tends to make them insecure and this often leads them to reveal their temper. This need for continuity can sometimes make them appear needy because they often require a lot of reassurance when things are not going according to their plans.

taurus general tarot advice

The King of Wands often encourages confidence and responsibility, although this sign has rarely needed help with these things. This card may remind Taurus to have faith in their own abilities if they are unsure of themselves or even suggest that sometimes confidence means allowing others to help you. True responsibility can mean knowing that you don’t always know best, a struggle for most of us at any given time, and certainly for a Taurus. It also reminds them not to resent that input, but rather to accept it and learn from it.

taurus tarot advantage

As stubborn and grounded as Taurus is, they often find tarot cards to be very appealing – in part because of their history and how far back it goes. This being said, if they are new to tarot then they should use the cards more as a way to to look at things from a new perspective and try to see their situations from the other person’s point of view. If they are more accustomed to looking to the cards for advice, they can see it as their own personal challenge to take a hard look at what the universe may be trying to tell them.

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Quick Taurus Facts

Dates: April 20 – May 20

Card: The Hierophant

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Colors: Greens, pinks

Quality: Fixed

Stone: Emerald

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