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Seven Free Fortunes Card Reading


Take a minute to close your eyes and calm down. Focus your spirit. Be firm – don’t complain, don’t ask, don’t beg – COMMAND the cards by the unwavering force of your spirit to give you an OMEN and an ANSWER.

Then click on the cards to turn them. Don’t rush like a silly child to turn every card immediately. Proceed slowly, showing respect for yourself and for your power to control your destiny.

Fortune telling cards are like dogs. They can smell weakness and fear a mile away. Make sure that you impose your will on them, or else they will impose their will on you.

Click the cards one more time in order to read their meaning. 


Card title – Enemy

Six of clubs means disputes, suits, financial claims. The enemy lurking in the shadows foretells disrupted business deals. On the emotional level it often signifies embarrassment.

In general, this card is a symbol of danger that threatens to disrupt your everyday life. It is a call to mobilize yourself and prepare for a fight.

Many people hate this card, but it is actually not a bad card. It is like a smoke detector that allows you to extinguish kindling sparks before they turned into a major fire.

Card title – Enemy – Reversed

Reversed six of spades is a pure adrenaline card. The fight is inevitable, but you are going to be victorious. It signifies an excellent outcome after a terrible fight, whatever it might be: hand-to-hand combat, business competition or screaming and cursing fight between two embittered lovers.

All is well that ends well. Rest assured, whatever fight you are going to get into today, is going to end well.


Card title – A lot of money

The Ace of clubs is one of the best cards in the deck. It means all the good stuff of the life: Joy, Money, Good news, Prosperity.

Many things in life depend upon the roll of a dice. This card announces that the mysterious forces of Fortune are favorable for you today. Catch your luck before it is gone. Ask for a promotion. Make a bet in investments. Ask your dream-girl (or dream-boy) on a date. The cards are stacked in your favor. You will get lucky!

Card title – A lot of money – Reversed

The reversed Ace of clubs means joy of short duration.

This card is also related to money problems. Don’t gamble. Today is not a good day to place bets.


Card title – Protector

King of Clubs means a man of dark complexion, loyal and a good advisor. In need he will help you with money.

This card signifies a friend or a relative in your life, whom you can trust. If you need advice or help, think of a man, who would fit this description. Today is a good day to ask for his assistance.

Card title – Protector – Reversed

King of Clubs reversed means that a man, who wants to help you, will have opposition to his views and beliefs.

It is a sign that the there is somebody unfriendly in your circle, who discourages your friends from helping you and protecting you. This card gives you a sign, that you should look around. Today you can spot this unfriendly person and stop the harm he or she is doing to you.


Card title – Pleasures. Entertainment.

Love hurts. Jealousy without reason.

Card title – Pleasures. Entertainment. – Reversed
Pleasant surprise.


Card title – Hope

Three of clubs in your card spread means that your efforts will be crowned with success. The positive meanings of nearby cards are amplified, while the negative meanings are reduced.

Today you have ample reason to hope for the best outcome in whatever you do.
You’ll gain fame and fortune. Just go for it.

Card title – Hope – Reversed

Reversed Three of clubs card signifies difficulties at work. For a woman this card often announces pregnancy. For a pregnant woman it is also an omen of approaching difficult childbirth.

In general, the reversed hope card announces a lot of difficult effort, which won’t produce much positive result. The problems you face are like the rock depicted on the card – it’s massive and anchored. It is better to wait for an opportunity where some other forces would do the work for you. Perhaps a sea-storm would help.

The best way to deal with this card in cartomancy is to exercise patience. It is a sign that today your problems have no solution. Ask the cards tomorrow – and you will get a new perspective.

Card reading is an ancient art of finding insights into questions, omens for right decisions, and glimpses into the future.

At the beginning of time all of the possible futures were undetermined. Then the big bang happened and the galaxies, the stars, the planets, and the moons were created.

They follow their paths with astronomical determination, while we, humans, have the divine gift of free will for making choices. Turn left or turn right? Say yes or say no? To love or not to love?

If your life were entirely predetermined by the God or the Destiny, it would be an extremely boring life. You would not have to make any choices.

Whether you like it or not, your destiny is not pre-set and pre-determined. You have to make choices and decisions every day.

Sometimes we are faced with an overwhelming uncertainty and those choices are terribly hard. For example: “Should I divorce my husband, or should I give him another chance? Should I risk my lifetime savings on a business venture? How should I choose between two boys, who are both in love with me? Am I living a life that is right for me, or should I change everything?”

Alexander the Great visited the Oracle to ask a question: “Will I conquer the entire world?” You see, even the strongest and the most powerful men in the world are intimidated by the uncertainty and have their doubts.

Card reading gives you a possibility to focus your spirit and give you direction in your choices. 

It helps you to imagine you future.

It helps you to decide on your future.

And, if you really put your Spirit to the test, – it makes your future happen.

You must realize that it isn’t the cards that decide your future. It is YOU, who by the force of your SPIRIT make the cards give you an answer. 

The first choice you have to make is to decide, whether to get a reading, or just leave the cards on the table.

The cards are silent with their back side up. But make no mistake, once you turn them, you turn the atoms and the stars in the universe, and the forces of destiny swing into motion. If you are not focused, you might get a meaningless or even a damaging answer. 

Ask yourself: “Am I in a right spirit today? Can I focus? 

Be wise with your enquiries. Don’t ask if you are not ready. Just leave the cards on the table and come another day, when you are spiritually strong and determined.