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Frequently Asked Questions about Scorpio Tarot reading

scorpio personality

Ambitious Scorpios have an all-or-nothing attitude that they bring to every aspect of their lives. They are highly resourceful, which means that they are usually able to put their plans into motion and can be very successful in reaching their goals. They are the most ferocious of the water signs, but also the most contained. Scorpios are very emotional, but they dislike being vulnerable and often come across as closed off. They don’t worry about what other people think of them, as long as they are certain that they are in the right, and Scorpios are often sure that they are. This makes them a fantastic person to have on your side because they will fight for you as passionately as they would fight for themselves.

This is a sign that values control, which is part of the reason they can appear intimidating to others. While other signs are more openly connected to their feelings or energies, Scorpios are quietly connected to their subconscious. Water signs are especially tuned in to the world around them, but Scorpios often pick up on a vibration without fully recognizing it. This complex sign tends to be very honest, if secretive, and is frequently misunderstood by those around them.

The main scorpio tarot card

Scorpio is represented in the Major Arcana by Death.

Death, much like the sign that it represents, is not well understood by people who aren’t familiar with it. This card represents new beginnings and transformations, not physical death. This is a transition card that forewarns of an upcoming change that may be unexpected and difficult, but it can also be freeing and welcome. This card encourages us to let go of the past and move on, unburdened by what came before and able to embrace a truer version of ourselves. It also warns us that if we try to fight these changes, it will just make the inevitable transition more difficult.

Often, the change that Death is referring to is an inner one and will happen away from the prying eyes of others. This can be challenging and may even make us feel alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is no shame in reaching out for support during a period of transition – there is no rule that says we have to understand all of our feelings in order to ask for help with them. This can be frightening, especially for Scorpios due to their need to remain in control. It is important to remember that if we don’t allow ourselves to change and grow, we end up stuck in the past and clinging to things that no longer serve us. This card almost asks that we celebrate growth because, even when it is painful, it is needed in order for everyone to become the best version of themselves.

tarot cards related to scorpio

The companion card to Death is The Emperor, a card that represents authority figures and structure. This card is about taking chaos and taming it, turning it into something useful. Scorpios are actually typically very good at this because they are often very confident in their vision of what a situation should look like. The Emperor is not afraid of conflict – this card even encourages healthy debate. Scorpios often enjoy a heated discussion, especially when they know that they are on the winning side of the argument. Much like this card, they like explaining things from a position of authority. This card warns against being too inflexible and even suggests that we need to let go a little bit of control in order to achieve our goals, something that Scorpios may find challenging.

Water signs are signified by the Minor Arcana Suite of Cups, so Scorpios will find themselves relating to many of the cards within that suite. They will especially connect with the King of Cups. This card represents a precise control over emotions and unconscious influences, as well as implies that there is more discovery to be done in the unconscious. Given that Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, a planet that is all about the subconscious forces that surround us, it is no surprise that this card is connected to them. This card encourages us to embrace our feelings and show our emotions in order to connect with others and lead more effectively, advice that Scorpios should keep close at hand.

Scorpios are also connected to the Five of Cups. This card is not the most positive card in the suite, but is also very encouraging. The Five of Cups reminds us that we need to let go of negativity and find the good within the bad. This card often represents a loss or perhaps a plan that hasn’t worked out as we had hoped, but there can still be lessons learned from these experiences. Scorpios especially need to be reminded of the importance of grieving the past and moving on to a brighter future, which is precisely what this card is asking us to do.

scorpio personality in a tarot reading

The cards overwhelmingly showcase the fact that Scorpio is more empathetic than they might appear to an outsider. This sign is ruled by Pluto, a planet that balances both destruction and transformation – a perfect example of Death and Scorpios. As they are, at their heart, a very honest sign that values authenticity and this invites a certain amount of upheaval into their lives. The Emperor allows Scorpio to control the messier side of change with an air of certainty, which is why this sign is often seen as being very in control of their world.

The cards also point out that they may struggle with expressing their emotion and this can make them irritable and, much like a scorpion, they might lash out and sting those that they feel have gotten too close to their softer side. Water signs are often more psychically aware than the other elements and Scorpios are no exception. They themselves might not always know why they feel the way they do, however, as they are more attuned to subconscious energy and may even resist it a bit. If they embrace the unknown, however, Scorpios can become truly unstoppable forces and create the world that they want to build.

scorpio love tarot interpretation

The same subconscious awareness that they can find a bit unsettling is also why Scorpios often create very strong connections with their partners. While they can seem to be closed off, once they trust you enough to let you, you will be amazed by the depths of their feelings. They can be a very passionate sign, one that many others find to be intoxicating. When a Scorpio loves you, they do so with a surprising intensity. They do not scare easy, so if they decide that they want to be with someone, they will stick around during the good times and the bad.

Scorpios often have very strong boundaries, as suggested by the King of Cups, and might struggle letting people close to them. Once they do, they often find themselves using situations as tests for their partners although this is often done without malice. This sign craves a close, honest relationship and this might offer them proof of the trustworthiness of their partner.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, be prepared for a lot of passion. You should also be prepared to need to do a bit of work in order to find out what is going on inside of their heart and their head.

If you are the Scorpio in the relationship, you need to remember that there is such a thing as ‘too intense’ and that a little bit of space doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t love you. It might benefit you to express yourself more clearly, even when it makes you uncomfortable, so that everyone is on the same page.

scorpio tarot advice

The Ten of Cups celebrates the love that a Scorpio has to give their partner and those that they love. While they love their independence, they also love very single-mindedly and will give their all to the people they consider family. This card encourages that, but also reminds Scorpios that they need to trust their own instincts when it comes to the people in their lives and the actions that they take with them. The honesty that they need is key for them to have a good relationship and this card reminds them that they need to be honest about what they need and want from their partner.

scorpio tarot reading for breakups

Scorpios struggle with letting go of a relationship because they are very loyal – either to the relationship itself or to the idea of what that relationship could be. Even when they initiate the breakup, they tend to feel as though they were the ones left behind. A heartbroken Scorpio is fully ruled by Pluto and Mars, which means they are often somewhat vengeful. They shouldn’t be surprised to see the Queen of Pentacles in their readings after a breakup and this should give them hope.

This card suggests that while perhaps jealousy or insecurity was involved in the ending of their relationship, the truth is that what Scorpio really needs is a partner who matches them on multiple levels. The stability that they want might look different than they imagined and only after they have allowed themselves to let go of the things that hurt them in the past, will they be able to find the connection that they truly want.

scorpio positive and negative sides


A Scorpio loves to be the first person to do something, possibly because it allows them to create their own methods of success. They are very honest and will not shy away from difficult conversations. This makes them an excellent person to have in your corner because they can – and will – strike hard at any obstacle that stands in the way of someone they love.

They are also remarkably willing to explore their options and, when they are the ones choosing it, Scorpios will throw themselves into new ventures and fresh starts. As long as they are truthful about their motivations, their ambitious nature will allow them to reach any goal they set before themselves.


Sometimes Scorpios can find themselves stuck in the past and may fight the natural transitions that life brings. This often brings out their sharper side and they will not hesitate to sting someone who pokes too closely at their vulnerabilities. They often have trouble expressing their emotions and, despite their empathetic nature, they may close themselves off from understanding another point of view and simply stop communicating. This will lead to resentments and, eventually, they will find themselves stuck in a cycle of hardships that confirm their darker impulses and thoughts.

Scorpios would benefit from remembering that leaving behind things that no longer serve us is not the same as losing them. In fact, it is just taking the positive lessons and using them to grow closer to their authentic self. When they embrace their ability to change, they might find that they are happier.

scorpio general tarot advice

The Four of Wands encourages them to keep fighting for their dreams, but even more than that this card signifies community and family. It says that having these types of connections in their life means that their accomplishments will be even better because they will have someone to share it with. This means that Scorpios need to work on letting others in and being vulnerable, but also reassures them that this is well worth the effort.

scorpio tarot advantage

For this complex sign, the cards might actually be best used as a single card pull at first to let them adjust to recognizing their more subconscious connections. This will also let them focus on individual issues and let them choose how much more information they want. Scorpios will naturally find themselves able to connect to their readings with a little bit of practice and will likely find themselves enjoying the honest and tangible way that a reading can put something in front of them.

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Quick Scorpio Facts

Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21

Card: Death

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars

Colors: Black, Maroon

Quality: Fixed

Stone: Topaz

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