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Frequently Asked Questions about Sagittarius Tarot reading

sagittarius personality

Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21. Their zodiac sign is the Fire element. They are boisterous characters who love to get the most out of life. They are honest and wise. Sagittarians are also optimistic, hilarious, honest to a fault, and they love their freedom. Due to their larger than life personalities, largely due to the Fire element, Sagittarians are generally spontaneous, love having fun, and are some of the best conversationalists out of all the other signs.

Sagittarians make for the best company due to their fun-loving personalities, and they have loads of luck. If you want to see one of your ventures go through, or trying to win some money at the casinos maybe, get a Sagittarius on your side, and their luck might rub off on you. They are adventurous, progressive, and restless. They despise being contained or bossed around; this can make them some of the hardest employees to deal with. They are not insubordinate, but they love getting their own way. Sagittarians love the outdoors and activities like hunting, which goes well with their zodiac symbol, the archer. Some of the well-known Sagittarians include Tyra Banks, Miley Cyrus, and Brad Pitt, to name a few.

The main sagittarius tarot card

The tarot card that represents Sagittarians is Temperance.

The Temperance is a card of enlightenment. The Sagittarius and Temperance are forever students. They are always looking for a more enlightened state of being. The angel representing Temperance in the card shows their enlightenment by pouring a liquid from a golden cup into another, known as “tempering.” Tempering is a slow integration process that leads to an ideal middle state, which the Sagittarians strive to achieve.

Sagittarians accomplish the tempering process by constantly reaching and exploring the physical and philosophical fields to expand their knowledge on what is already known. Going hand in hand with temperance, Sagittarians have the Fire sign. This sign is what represents their passionate and inquisitive nature. They are always drawn to new destinations, ideas, and philosophies. The Centaur, a half-horse, half-human creature known as The Archer, represents their ability to aim higher and dream big.

tarot cards related to sagittarius

There are two types of cards that are associated with Sagittarians. These cards fall with the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana

In the major Arcana, we first have Temperance. This angel represents the importance of moderation and balance. The Temperance card shows the best of Sagittarius energy, showing things that are in perfect harmony.

Minor Arcana

In the minor arcana, Sagittarius is associated with different cards, and these are;

  • King of Wands

The card shows a king sitting on a throne, which is influenced by fire energy. The king is wearing the symbol of creativity and life. He also has a wand represented by the fire energy and a salamander resting at his feet. This card represents the strong leadership trait associated with Sagittarians. They feel at home in positions of power, showing both compassion and a strong will. Thanks to the fire energy, the King is versatile and gets along well with the Sagittarius sign. These two personalities are outspoken and energetic, which earns them respect among other zodiacs.

  • Queen of Pentacles

Another tarot associated with Sagittarius is the Queen of Pentacles, depicted as sitting on a throne decorated in angels, goats, and other pleasure and material success signs. The Queen has earth energy, seen in the deep greenery and living and thriving things surrounding her. Her presence and the Sagittarius qualities line up well, giving an air of utmost practicality. She has a deep connection with nurturing, and she is hard working. The Queen represents the Sagittarius’ ability to make better decisions due to her strong connection to practicality.

  • Knight of Wands

Depicted wearing yellow to represent fire energy shrouded in a fury. He represents the Sagittarius; fiery energy. This is an adventure card that shows the Sagittarius’ impulsiveness. The Knight shows their outspoken and reckless character. He also represents action, shown by the energy to do it all and win it all in Sagittarians. The Knight is always ready to take action, which shows itself as bursts of energy in Sagittarians.

  • 8 of Wands

This card in Sagittarius energy depicts movement, showing eight wands flying through the air.

Sagittarius has fast-paced, unstoppable energy that can be intimidating. This card reminds them to go after what they want, both in the spiritual and physical realm.

sagittarius personality in a tarot reading

Largely influenced by the Temperance card, Sagittarius has a deep desire to find balance and moderation in their lives. This tarot shows they have the ability to stabilize their temper and to remain composed in stressful situations. They also have the capacity to care, shown by the Queen of Pentacles relation, and also their search for luxury or comforts in life.

They are adventurous people who love traveling and sports. This is shown by The Archer, who is largely adventurous and has her bow knocked and ready to take action. They love to be out in the world, being in contact with nature. Sagittarians are independent and follow their own rules. The Sagittarius personality is curious, with a thirst for knowledge. They have large groups of friends that they acquire through their travels and their never-ending quest to experience new things.

The Sagittarius personality can also make them impatient with those content to stay in their bubbles. Sagittarians love to pursue spiritual experiences and love to know the ins and outs of everything. The page of wands well depicts this. This tarot shows the Sagittarius capacity to try out new things and where things go. The page also represents the capacity for growth.

They are knowledgeable and do a lot of mentally stimulating activities that keep them happy. Sagittarius’s personalities are optimistic. They can be seen as naïve or stupid because they are naturally inclined to believe people. They tend to be more positive. They are also honest, sometimes brutally so, but their main aim is never to hurt someone else. You can always expect a Sagittarian to have a plan and numerous backup plans just if things go wrong; they are always prepared.

sagittarius love tarot interpretation

Sagittarius loves to be free to roam. This is where the Archer shows her wild side. They get along with everyone and do not like to be tied down. They love having adventures and might find it hard to commit, valuing freedom. The good thing that comes out of it is that they give equal freedom to their partner. The Centaur finds it hard to commit to just one person as he needs constant stimulation.

They get along well with other fire signs like Aries and Leo since these can match their upbeat and independent nature. Sagittarians are enthusiastic and passionate about love, although they might find it hard to discuss their feelings. They love hard and truly. Although their love might be deep, it does not necessarily mean it will lead to long-term commitment.

If you have a Sagittarius partner, be ready for endless adventures and scintillating conversations. These are people who love knowing everything about everything. They love being outdoors and exploring things. Do not be worried about their need to go around looking for adventure. They have a great capacity to love you and won’t shy away from showing you their love. Understand that they need to be stimulated at all times. Be as free-spirited to and enjoy going on adventures with them.

If you are the Sagittarius partner, try as hard as you can to control yourself. As a rule, Sagittarians do not like to be tied down or dictated to but if you find someone you love, learn to temper your more explosive tendencies. Use the Temperance tarot to find balance in your relationship. Listen to your partner’s needs, even if it is doing something you consider boring. Do not be afraid to speak your feelings either, be open to love wholly and deeply.

sagittarius tarot advice

The Queen of Pentacles is what should govern Sagittarius in love. Because of the energetic and outgoing nature, it can be hard for a Sagittarius to show compassion. Even though they might not know it, they might hurt others with their free-spirited ways. The Queen reminds them to nurture and take care of what is around them. This will help them be more in tune with their partner’s needs and know how to nurture the relationship best. Temperance also needs to feature largely in their relationship. They should always strive to find balance in their relationships, for example, by taming down their wild side to fit their partner’s personality.

sagittarius tarot reading for breakups

While they can love passionately, Sagittarians don’t find it hard to move on after a breakup. The Centaur in them is always roaming so they can find it easy to pack up and move on, especially when they are the ones who initiated the breakup. On the other hand, if a Sagittarian is dumped, they show more effort to reclaim the love. The 8 of Wands comes into play. They find the energy to try to win their love back. There is a drawback to this, however. Due to their impulsive nature, it just might be that the fire had not burned out yet, but they won’t find it hard to cut the relationship once they discover it doesn’t stimulate them anymore. Sagittarius lovers should be careful when trying to go back to their exes. They might be doing it to satisfy their impulse but not from actual love.

sagittarius positive and negative sides


Sagittarius is a natural-born leader. The King of Swords shows the Sagittarians capacity to lead. This tarot shows their vision of where they want to go. Their leadership quality draws other people toward them due to their charismatic and determined energy. Sagittarius also comes off as cheerful and as having happy energy, represented by the Page of Wands. This tarot shows the strong, free-spirited side of Sagittarians. The tarot shows that they can discover a world of possibilities and explore them to the fullest.

Sagittarius people are creative, whether in their work-life or other aspects. The Ace of Wands depicts this creativity in them. They love new experiences and urge others to enjoy these experiences with them. Sagittarians are fun to be around due to their warm personality, knowledge, and endless adventures. The Temperance tarot also shows that they have a thirst for knowledge, which makes them naturally curious. Because of this card, you will find that Sagittarians are learned people who will always seek further enlightenment, whether in their work or personal lives.


Those with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are easily bored. The Archer, who features strongly in their readings, is a creature of action that is always looking for new possibilities. It is also tough for them to stay in one place, which might leave their loved ones feeling neglected, especially in their love life.

The Knight of Wands tarot shows their fiery energy, which can also make them quick to anger. This card shows their impatient and reckless behavior that can leave others feeling hurt. The Knight is also impulsive, which means that he can act without thinking and not caring who what he does hurts. They also change their minds quickly and don’t stick to one thing, making them seem a bit fickle. They can abandon ideas halfway just because they are bored with them, which sadly can also happen in their relationships. They can also come off as lazy and irresponsible.

sagittarius general tarot advice

The 9 of wands reminds Sagittarians to take a break now and then. Because of their boisterous personality, they might spend too much of their energy burning it out. They need some relaxation to replenish this energy.

sagittarius tarot advantage

Sagittarians can consult their tarot to get a better insight into what they could do for their careers. They have a larger than life nature, and consulting the tarot can help them know what career paths they can look to that won’t bore them easily.

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Quick Sagittarius Facts

Dates: November 22- December 21

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Tarot Card: Temperance

Quality: mutable

Element: Fire

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