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Frequently Asked Questions about Pisces Tarot reading

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The symbol for Pisces is two fish, forming a similar shape to the ying-yang symbol, and while this hints at the duality of the sign it, it actually reveals a quite a bit more than that. Pisces is a water sign, which means they are often more intuitive and gentle than the other elements. Yet just as water can be soothing and calming, it can be destructive and temperamental. Most Pisces are very familiar with that duality – they are daydreamers, which can make them appear to be flaky. They are emotionally intelligent, which means they know how to manipulate someone if they need to. They are as generous as they are guarded. Pisces will take devoted and loving care of their friends and lovers, but are able to close their hearts and swim away if the situation truly calls for it.

Pisces makes an excellent friend and companion, although they can be misunderstood due to their dreamy nature. Let’s take a closer look at this complex sign to appreciate and understand them on a deeper level.

The main pisces tarot card

The card that represents Pisces is The Moon.

The Moon is a card of intuition and psychic power. It represents truth and illusion at the same time – something Pisces, with their two fish, can relate to. This card asks you to consider what you know to be true within yourself and in your world, but not to over-analyse it. It asks for belief. The two dogs on the card represent the duality of your own personality and mind. We are all both instinctive animals and logical beings, but Pisces’ slippery nature means they must work to blend these parts of themselves or they will go too far into one direction or the other.

The Moon suggests powerful dreams, perhaps guiding you or offering a warning. It’s no wonder that Pisces is represented by this card as they themselves are often caught up in their own dreams. Our dreams – especially the strong, vivid ones that this card encourages you to pay attention to – are often reflections of things our unconscious mind has picked up during our waking hours. This means that you should pay attention to the messages that you are trying to give yourself, Pisces. Trust yourself!

Set goals and celebrate completing them. Just as the moon itself has phases, this card reminds us that everything has a natural time and place. Honor yourself by respecting this and letting yourself work and rest at your own pace, in your own natural cycle. Learn to balance what you have and what you want.

tarot cards related to pisces

Pisces will often find themselves seeing a lot of Cups in their readings, just by virtue of their own water element connecting with this suite. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a dreamy and intuitive planet that calls to mind the Seven of Cups due to it’s connection to fantasies and imagination. This suggests an ability to envision many different outcomes and possibilities before taking action.

The Page of Cups may also show up more frequently as it represents magic and spirituality. This card warns not to close yourself off to your own imagination and to pay attention to the energy that surrounds you, the signs that the universe puts in your path, and your own personal connection with not just these other energies, but also you own personal magic.

Although Pisces is represented by The Moon, this sign is also connected to The Hermit as something of a paired set. This is because The Hermit is a natural balance for The Moon. The Hermit represents a guide, when The Moon represents the unknown. This card suggests taking time to look inward and meditate on actions and intentions without letting other people and their voices overshadow anything.

pisces personality in a tarot reading

Looking at all the above cards, it will come as no surprise that this means that the cards consider this zodiac sign to be a highly intuitive psychic force. The association to so many cards linked to imagination and inspiration point to the Pisces own creative and artistic impulses. While Pisces often have a very strong connection to music, they may find themselves drawn to other forms of creative expression and will likely find that they have a natural flair for the visual arts or design.

While other signs get more credit for being nurturers, Pisces are very capable caregivers as well and, when the mood strikes them, like to pamper and care for their loved ones. It isn’t that Pisces aren’t romantic – they are, passionately so – but rather that they get lost in their own heads and can forget to check in on their partner and friends. The Hermit shows a tendency to stay apart from others for too long, but the very nature of a Pisces means they will balance themselves out again.

pisces love tarot interpretation

It is worth bringing up the fact that The Hermit is the card that represents Virgo, which means that just as the two cards work well together, the two signs also should have an excellent collaboration. The Hermit will help keep The Moon from succumbing to the wild mysteriousness that it is associated with. As Pisces is a water sign, earth signs are a natural match – something solid to keep the more fluid and mercurial element grounded. The Moon shows that Pisces may tend to become suspicious or doubtful – perhaps not that they think their partner is unfaithful, but rather that they may doubt that their partner is truly committed. Given to their own moods and highly aware of the moods of others, a Pisces may start to read too much into a situation. They need to remember not to act without thinking.

The Moon and the Seven of Cups both praise Pisces and their ability to use their imagination and surrender to fantasy and wildness, which speaks to the passionate nature of a Pisces. They bring their creative spirit with them into their love life and, much like the water element which they embody, their enthusiasm can sweep you away. When they decide they want you as their partner, they tend to be in it for the long haul. They will build their dreams with you in them. If you have a Pisces partner, you can look forward to a lot of excitement and spontaneous adventures. If you are the Pisces partner, you should remember to either bring your partner with you as you dream or to let them in and dream with you.

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Pisces is reminded by The Magician to be patient and breathe. This is a positive card and points to moving forward – an existing relationship may be moving to the next level. This suggests that whatever challenges are ahead will be easily solved so long as you remember to focus and keep calm. You can do amazing, impossible things when you are in control of your own inner power.

pisces tarot reading for breakups

Pisces will probably not confront you if they want to break up with you. They will swim away and make you do the leaving for them – perhaps in part because after having created so many dreams and fantasies that involve their partner, it is difficult to have to admit that they didn’t make those dreams come true. Lost in their own constructed world, it is easier to simply let go of the whole thing rather than to tear it down themselves. Pisces hate criticism, after all.

A Pisces in the midst of a breakup should keep an eye out in their readings for the Knight of Cups, which represents both a quest and healing. This card reminds Pisces to take things slowly, rather than their typical knee-jerk reaction, and to stay in touch with their feelings instead of swimming away from them. There is also a reminder to deal with the conflicts that have lead to this breakup – either with their former partner or on their own. Because Pisces dislikes when the past comes back to interfere with their lives, it is probably best to try and sort through their feelings sooner rather than later. Much like the animal instinct within them, they have trouble forgetting things that have hurt them so it is important to try to heal so that they can move on.

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All of the cards related to Pisces celebrate their intuitive and artistic nature. The cards point to the way Pisces can read any situation and quickly act on it. Pisces are magical people to have in your life because of their natural ability to offer what is missing from a situation. This makes them capable of being very compassionate and their ability to read emotional currents mean that they know precisely how to care for someone.

Naturally drawn to knowledge, Pisces tend to be very intelligent people with a thirst to improve themselves and their world. They are hard-working and dedicated, especially when stimulated by their work, and because of their innate ability to understand people, have an ability to see both sides of a situation even if they do not agree with what is going on.


The trouble with dreamers is that they sometimes forget that not everyone can see what they see. This means sometimes Pisces will prefer to be more solitary in order to not have to explain themselves. Not to mention, having so many dreamy cards attached to them mean that Pisces will get lost in their own head and may forget about the real world and the people in it. This is not to say that they are selfish, but they can have a hard time blending their realistic awareness with their free-spirit dreaming sometimes.

The Moon, as a card that points to illusions, means that Pisces can at times become anxious or insecure. They may doubt the people in their lives are being genuine with them and need more reassurance. This card also points to the wildness within their personality, so it would be wise to remember what wild animals do when they are uncertain, hurt, or scared – they can lash out or run away.

pisces tarot advantage

Like any other sign, the tarot will point to specific things happening in their life and help guide them. However, Pisces is predisposed to be more open to this guidance than some of the other, more pragmatic, signs. They don’t have trouble with noticing their own intuition so much as they have trouble focusing it, which is where tarot comes in. A reading can give them the reassurance they need about moving forward with certain dreams or goals, but it can also validate their own innate feelings. Often times, they will already know deep down what the answer is, but it might be just our of reach. The tarot can help steer them in the right direction and offer the confirmation they need to move forward or even to let go.

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Quick Pisces Facts

Dates: February 19- March 20

Card: The Moon

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Colors: Purples and Light Greens

Quality: Mutable

Stone: Aquamarine

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