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Frequently Asked Questions about Libra Tarot reading

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Libras love beauty in all forms, but perhaps nothing is more beautiful to this sign than unity and balance. Their natural charm means that they put people at ease and, like all air signs, Libras are excellent at reading a room and they will use this skill to flawlessly blend into different social groups. While this is generally a positive attribute, this also means that they can be seen as flighty because they can change so quickly.

Excellent communicators, Libras are often more persuasive than you might immediately think. Their ability to see things from different perspectives, combined with their personable nature, means that they can usually find the common threads between others. It’s just as well that they are such a diplomatic sign as most Libras prefer to avoid conflict. That aside, they can and will fight against what they see as an injustice against themselves or others.

This day-dreaming sign is happy to be everyone’s friend, but once you get close to a Libra you will see there is more to them than just their great taste and smooth words. Take a look and get to know the hidden depths to this sign.

The main libra tarot card

Libra is represented in the Major Arcana by Justice.

It should come as no surprise that the Justice card represents fairness, a concept that Libras tend to be obsessed with. This is a cause and effect card, reminding us that all of our actions have consequences. Justice encourages, even in difficult moments, honesty and accountability from both the reader and others. Libras certainly appreciate honesty, but this card may remind them that they need to pay more attention to their own desires and beliefs rather than permit other people to influence them.

This card typically shows up to remind us that we need to have more balance in our lives in some respect. No one can live only in one mode and we must allow ourselves to make space in our lives for the parts of ourselves that we ignore. This asks us to be honest with ourselves about who we are and really look at ourselves to see what what we believe and asks the difficult question of whether or not we are acting in a way that is aligned with those beliefs. Are we being true to who we are? This is a difficult question for anyone, but it can be especially hard on Libras due to their tendency to put the harmony of their social groups ahead of their own inner peace.

tarot cards related to libra

Within the Major Arcana, Justice matches to The High Priestess, a card of hidden insights. This card represents celebrating the softer parts of our personalities – the ability to compromise, to be patient, to listen to our own intuition. Libras would feel connected to this card due to their well-known skill at compromise. This card would also suggest that they look at their skill at reading people as a type of intuition rather than a practical exercise. The High Priestess encourages Libras to continue to make connections with others, but also to take some time to meditate on their own inner wisdom more often.

Libras will also find themselves relating to the Ace of Swords, a card that speaks to the mental clarity and creativity of this sign. This card also references pursuing causes that they find important and seeking out the truth, even when difficult. This card points out the clarity of mind that Libras can have in a situation and encourages that they speak out about it, even when it goes against their desire to keep everyone happy. As one of the more indecisive signs, this card reminds them that they are fully able to stand their ground when they see injustice and supports their desire to fight it.

Another card that relates to this sign is the Four of Swords. This represents a much needed rest, perhaps to recover from a hardship or just to recharge their batteries after so much socialization. Libras can become obsessed with fairness, but at the cost of ignoring their own needs and wants. The Four of Swords encourages them to take a break and check in with themselves. It can even mean that it’s time to reconsider their current priorities. This is more of an advice card for Libras, but it’s a reminder that they need from time to time.

libra personality in a tarot reading

At their core, Libras are deeply committed to their ideas of fairness. It makes them excellent communicators and means that they can see situations from every angle without becoming overly emotionally invested. This can make them seem very practical, but it is really part of their love of balance. Their connection to Justice and the Ace of Swords go hand in hand together, not just in their need to keep things equal and effortless, but also in their ability to charm.

Libras are known for their way with words, which they typically use in order to bring together groups of people and keep things running smoothly. As the Ace of Swords suggests, if they were inclined to do so then this sign would be an excellent leader, but more often Libras prefer to work with others in order to achieve a larger goal and they do this without batting an eye. The cards remind them, repeatedly, to check in with themselves so as not to lose themselves while working towards something.

This is a challenge for most Libras, but necessary because when even one element of their life is out of balance, they have a very difficult time being happy. It’s no wonder that this sign is represented by the scales – everything about them needs to be in place in order for them to be their best selves.

libra love tarot interpretation

Libras are an air sign, which means they cherish their own sense of freedom, but they also love connecting with others and they are very attuned to their partner’s needs. A Libra wants their loved ones to be happy and, despite their need for balance, they may find themselves putting their partner’s needs ahead of their own in order to keep the peace if they feel the relationship is worth it.

Justice points out that Libras are very honest in relationships or, at the very least, as honest as they feel they should be. It isn’t that they are dishonest, but that sometimes in an effort to keep everyone happy, sometimes things may be brushed aside. Their way with words means that they are able to put forth the best version of something without ever lying.

Charming Libras may find that they have a lot of admirers, as indicated by The High Priestess. Their sense of fairness means that they can see the pros and cons to many people and may struggle with committing to someone that they aren’t certain feels the same way.

If you have a Libra partner, try to involve yourself in their own interests as well. They especially love intelligence and beautiful things, so perhaps surprise them by taking them to a gallery that has art you know they will enjoy.

If you are the Libra partner, don’t forget that your partner may not understand your need to keep everyone happy and try not to forget about them when keeping everything else going smoothly. Don’t forget to have boundaries either because as wonderful it is to be good at compromise, you need to know your own limits.

libra tarot advice

It’s no surprise that the cards suggest that a Libra in love take note of the Six of Pentacles. This card is all about the need to balance things within a relationship and reminds us that sharing a burden makes it lighter for everyone. This card celebrates kindness, perhaps reminding Libras that even though they prefer to be the ones to make things easier for others that they can also receive help when they need it.

libra tarot reading for breakups

As they are not a fan of confrontation, Libras may not be the ones to initiative the breakup. If fact, they often use their way with words and understanding of others to lead the relationship to a smooth, happy end where everyone parts as friends or, at the very least, not as enemies. They value their reputation and social appearance as much as they do their physical appearance, which means that Libras dislike causing a scene. They also tend to find themselves in a new relationship rather quickly.

During a breakup, they may find the Eight of Cups appearing more often than normal in their readings. Usually a card that represents abandonment, in this case it seems to point more towards knowing when it it is time to go. Libras value others enough to know when something isn’t good for anyone in the situation. While sometimes they may tend to lose themselves into a relationship, they certainly wouldn’t let someone else do so, and they are able to find the strength to walk away from something that isn’t serving anyone anymore.

libra positive and negative sides


As seen repeatedly in all the cards connected to Libra, one of their most positive signs is their sense of equality. They are balanced dreamers, something of a rare quality to co-exist, and this means that when they are busy dreaming about new ideas and worlds, they are dreaming of ones that are fair for everyone. Libras have more intuition than they get credit for, as The High Priestess points out, and they use that intuition to make others feel comfortable.

Justice reminds us that they are also practical and a Libra will see your point of view no matter the circumstance. They nearly always accept a situation for what it is, even when it is difficult, and will find in in themselves to be honest and kind about whatever has happened.


Being fair is an excellent skill to have, but there is such a thing as being too balanced and Libras can tend to fall into that category. Their obsession with fairness can mean they have trouble making decisions because they want to be certain that no one feels slighted. They can be so focused on this that they lose sight of themselves and, at times, even the bigger picture. They need to be careful to take care of themselves even as they take care of others.

This need to keep people happy may also lead to emotional outbursts when it isn’t reciprocated. While Libras are not known for their anger, they are more than capable to turning into a hurricane when they feel that they are being treated unfairly.


libra general tarot advice

The Two of Wands points out that there are multiple options in any given situation. Libras are not one to need reminded that there are two paths to take, but they may benefit from taking time to consider what is best for them before making a choice. When taken with the other cards that relate to this sign, this card suggests that after some self-reflection, they will be able to make the right choice with confidence.

libra tarot advantage

Libras need to trust their own intuition a little more, especially when it comes to matters that have to do with them directly. Unlike other signs, they don’t need help opening their mind to other views, they need to shut some of those other voices out. Libras would benefit from using the tarot to help them focus on specific influences and situations. They may even need a bit of guidance to help them find where they themselves stand on an issue rather than taking everyone else’s needs into account. They may surprise themselves by finding that they are able to arbitrate more openly when they are more firmly grounded in their own beliefs.

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 Quick Libra Facts

Dates: September 23 – October 22

Card: Justice

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Colors: Blues

Quality: Cardinal

Stone: Aquamarine

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