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Frequently Asked Questions about Leo Tarot reading

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Warm by nature, self-assured Leos are the life of the party when they want to be. While not the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, Leo is very hard-working and will sacrifice the social events that they love so much in order to focus their energy on getting things done well. This sign draws people in with their energy and charm, especially when they are in a good mood. Leos can shine as bright as the Sun that rules their sign and usually end up receiving attention whether they want it or not.

This sign is a bit of a natural leader, perhaps because others tend to gravitate to them. Their popularity means that sometimes they find themselves being swayed by the opinions of others in an effort to keep the peace and keep the party going, although usually about things that they don’t consider to be very important. When a Leo thinks that they doing the right thing, it is nearly impossible to change their mind.

The main leo tarot card

Leo is represented in the Major Arcana by Strength.

Strength doesn’t refer as much to physical strength as it does inner strength. This card highlights the confidence that Leos so often possess. The Strength card is a card of determination, strong will, and quiet power. This card points to the overcoming of challenges, but specifically personal, inner challenges dealing more with their mental or emotional state. It suggests the facing of fears or anxieties, but anticipates a positive outcome.

The lion depicted on this card represents wildness, passion, and the ferocity of spirit. Yet on this card, the lion is peaceful with the woman, reminding us all of the power that can be found in gentleness. This card suggests the need to tame our own emotions in order to stay in control and succeed. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean that you should ignore these feelings, but that it is important to understand them and use them productively. There is a lot of power in raw feelings and it takes true strength to face that kind of power and work with it, not against it.

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Within the Major Arcana, Strength finds itself paired with The Star. As a Sun-ruled sign, perhaps it isn’t a surprise that Leos find themselves connected to The Star, what with the Sun being the brightest star of all. This card encourages the recipient to embrace their own light and shine bright, something that Leos rarely need pushed to do. It also suggests peace and a sense of tranquility, something this sign craves between the loud, exciting moments that they are drawn to and energized by.

Leos are a fire sign, so they can expect to see the Minor Arcana suite of Wands show up in their readings and resonate more with them than with other cards. One of the cards that they connect more with is the Knight of Wands. This card celebrates their action and passions, pointing out their ability to take risks when reaching for their goals. For the ambitious Leo, this card reminds them to be sure that they have a clear plan and focus to help guide their enthusiasm.

This sign is also strongly connected to the Six of Wands. This is a card of success and celebration, suggesting that milestones or goals have been reached. People will want to join in the festivities to share in the joy and, unless this is something that is best played close to the chest at the moment, this card supports this. Something of a ‘public recognition’ card, it suits Leo and their love of a good party, especially one that they made happen through their own hard work. Just remember not to let self-confidence become self-importance!

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The light that the cards shine on Leo and their bright, charismatic nature is nearly as bright as the light Leos will shine themselves. This sign is known for their confidence and all of the cards connected to them call attention to that very same trait, while also pointing out that this same confidence can come across as arrogance if not careful.

Leos are a passionate sign and have magnetic personalities, something heavily seen in the cards by having Strength, the Knight of Wands, and Six of Wands connected to them. They will often be found in the center of a party, enjoying the music and the people around them. Leos thrive off the energy in a crowd, but they aren’t afraid to be the person providing that energy and drawing it out of others. At times, this means they can draw too much attention to themselves in the name of a good time, although Leos do not often mind this.

leo love tarot interpretation

Their closeness to their own raw emotions make Leos a very passionate sign. When they focus their attention on their partner, it can feel like the sun shining on them. Leos are naturally generous – it is one of the reasons that they work so hard to begin with – and like to make grand gestures for their loved ones. The Knight of Wands reminds them that their infectious enthusiasm is great for dreaming of plans and going on adventures, but that they need to also plan a little before jumping into anything.

Strength points to how exciting they are to be involved with as they are often open-minded and ready to try new things or go on an adventure. However, as Leos are a sign that tend to love to be in love, they need to be careful about rushing into (or out of) things too quickly while looking for the rush of falling in love. The Strength card cautions them to control their desires a bit in order to make certain that they aren’t running too wild or repeating patterns.

Strength and The Star pair together in the tarot and, as The Star represents Aquarius, this suggests that this creative sign would be an excellent match for Leo, especially as they both share a streak of independence. The Star also can be a reminder for Leo to stay emotionally available for their partners as they can sometimes take their independence and energy and forget that they need moments of quiet rest as well.

If you are in a relationship with a Leo, you need to be open to new experiences and comfortable with new people. If you invite them into your world and show them new things as well, then you’ll have a very happy lion on your hands.

If you are the Leo in a relationship, you should make time to reassure your partner that just because you are so social it doesn’t mean they you appreciate them any less. The Strength card also reminds you that you can acknowledge any doubts or fears you have without losing face. It’s okay to let people in past your shiny surface, Leo. You just might find that they will love you even more for it.

leo tarot advice

The Seven of Wands highlight the way that Leos tend to find themselves in an ‘us against the world’ situation with people they care about. This may because while Leos love a bustling atmosphere, they like to have someone with them that can keep them balanced if they need it. This naturally starts to form a separate unit from the rest of the group. They should be careful not to keep everyone at arms distance for too long however because this eventually proves unstable.

This card also suggests the determination to withstand hard times. Not known for backing down, Leos may not need to be reminded that they can deal with problems, but they do need to remember that sometimes it is better to collaborate than it is to solve things on their own.

leo tarot reading for breakups

Leos, as a sign so connected to their own passionate nature, love the rush of infatuation and falling in love. This means that they are often the instigator of a breakup, sometimes to chase the rush elsewhere, but sometimes just in order to protect their pride from being hurt when they sense the romance is fading. If they have decided to end the relationship, while they may feel a little sad about it, they usually move on fairly quickly.

On the other hand, if a Leo is the one who is left first, it is a blow to their confidence and throws them for a loop. They are used to people wanting to be around them, so the shock of someone leaving them by choice can bring up their more dramatic side.

During a breakup, Leos shouldn’t be surprised if Seven of Cups shows itself in their reading. This card points out that it is possible that they were idealizing their relationship instead of seeing it for what it was and encourages them to look at the situation honestly in order to help accept it. Leos are strong, after all, and can handle a reality check when needed.

leo positive and negative sides


Leos are intelligent and successful, often using the strength of their determination to make things happen for them. Despite being such social butterflies, they are independent and prefer to make their own way ahead rather than depend on others. The cards connected with Leo all celebrate their ability to work hard, get ahead, and have fun while doing it.

Above all, their tarot cards celebrate the way a Leo embraces their own passions and desire. They love to be happy and love to share happiness with others, which explains why they are often so well-loved.


Where there is confidence, there is eventually over-confidence, which is something this sign needs to be careful about. Leos can lose sight of how much space is between them and the things they want, especially if they are close to having them. This can come across as arrogant, especially given the fact that when they are sure that they are doing the right thing, a Leo is highly unlikely to change their mind.

Leos also need to mind their temper as they can heat up quickly when angry. The same force that makes them so good at grand gestures means that when crossed, they are also good at burning bridges. Their hidden anxieties mean that they are willing to cut people off and walk away, especially when upset about something.

leo general tarot advice

The Two of Swords addresses a less obvious trait that Leos possess – their willingness to go along with things even when they know there is a problem. Sometimes they simply may not wish to make waves, although this sign is not known for being shy. Other times, this could be because they don’t want to be be forced into making a decision that they are not ready to make. This could be because their pride has gotten tangled up in the situation and they may have realised they’ve made a mistake – something this sign is not very good at admitting.

This card suggests that they take the blindfold off and look at the situation honestly. The longer they put it off, the worse it will be, as these things rarely go away on their own.

leo tarot advantage

Big-hearted Leos always work with the best of intentions, but their own confidence may keep them from seeing potential problems around them. While it’s true that this sign is able to handle most anything that is thrown at them, they do not handle surprises well and they may be able to use the tarot to nudge them into looking at things a little closer than they usually do. They may need to use some of their inner strength to look inward and calmly consider the situation.

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Quick Leo Facts

Dates: July 23 – August 22

Card: Strength

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Colors: Gold, Yellows

Quality: Fixed

Stone: Carnelian

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