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Frequently Asked Questions about Gemini Tarot reading

gemini personality

Geminis are widely known for their split personalities giving them their best-known attributes of versatility and adaptability.

Represented by the twins of the sky constellation, Pollux and Castor, Geminis can be incredibly imaginative, yet completely engrossed in the details. With two, at least, personalities going on in the mind, Geminis can make the everyday mundane tasks seem exciting and new. This happens largely because Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our Solar System and goes into retrograde most often. These factors give this planet a reputation for being unpredictable and erratic. Geminis pick up strongly on these vibes causing their minds to often bounce from subject to subject, which can make finishing tasks a rare happening.

Geminis are known for being quite intellectual as well, always seeking more information, sometimes getting themselves into trouble, sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Their inquisitive nature can put them in great friendships, often having many social connections and putting them in a position to always be in the know. Though they have many friendships, because of their instincts to dig deeper into a situation, they create lasting and rewarding relationships with people.

The main gemini tarot card

Gemini is represented by The Lovers tarot card.

Gemini’s tarot card, The Lovers, represents conscious communication, relationships, and physical affection. This correlates with the Gemini zodiac symbol perfectly. Geminis are most comfortable with a companion. Being able to share their curiosity, flirtatious behavior, and charm with someone else is a Gemini’s purpose. This card is all about having two forces become one and the twins are very much the same, combining the ability to focus on the details while still broadening their horizons. This card shows that the Gemini strives for deep connections and intellectual conversations from those closest to them. The Lovers have the ability to increase the Gemini’s conscious contact with forces outside our physical forms, giving them the opportunity to clearly see paths that others are not aware of. This can often make Geminis seem all-knowing, and wise.

tarot cards related to gemini

Geminis can also be found in many other tarot cards, in addition to The Lovers there is one other in the Major Arcana that represents Gemini, and several in the Minor Arcana. One of the most well known is The Magician of the Major Arcana. Through the powerful skill of communication, one of Gemini’s strong suits, The Magician connects with divination strongly and creates new productive pathways.

You can see Gemini represented in both the King and Queen of Cups of the Minor Arcana as well. The element of air, the same element as Gemini, is represented in the wind blowing through the king and queen’s hair. The King and Queen of Cups cards are dependable and friendly, much like Gemini.

Gemini will also show itself in The Knight of Swords tarot card. This card shows the combining of the earth and air symbolizing Gemini’s ability to make two become one. The Knight is also said to be daring and curious, which are two of Gemini’s main qualities.

There are several other tarot cards in the Minor Arcana that can be linked to Gemini in some way, one more of these being The Page of Swords. This card seems to be the best representation of the air signs. The card shows The Pages sword cutting through the air, the birth of, and the first use of the element.

gemini personality in a tarot reading

Geminis can be seen in the tarot cards as being helpful, dependable, and willing to go the length to strengthen relationships. Geminis provide clear pathways towards resolutions, and communicate clearly in tense situations. This may be because they are ruled by the 3rd House of Communication. This also lends a hand in their intelligence. The Third House of Communication represents communication between those closest to the Gemini but also helps the Gemini to achieve conscious contact with spirits and the universe at large. If the Gemini is centered and calm minded, they can use this ability to create the positive new pathways along their journey. Though other air signs are represented through the Swords, specifically 8-10, the Page, and the Ace, Gemini is seen as unifying and affectionate.

gemini love tarot interpretation

When it comes to love, Geminis need an intellectual partner. They tend to thrive on stimulating conversation and definitely need someone to satisfy their need for inquiry. Unfortunately, if you cannot keep up with them, a Gemini is likely to move on, in search of someone who can. When they find that person, however, they are very devoted. Geminis love to show their affection physically to the right person and can be an engaged partner for a lifetime. If they are not sufficiently mentally stimulated, however, you can be assured they will move swiftly on like air, flowing quickly around you. Their brains are constantly jumping from topic to topic, trying to find out more about you, so keeping things interesting and new will be key in keeping them yours for a life together. Gemini’s tarot card is The Lovers, so they connect heavily with love, connection, communication, and partnership. Their goal is to combine forces with another so they are in constant search of the perfect partner. Geminis have a birthing quality due to their ability to combine two things and make them one. This beautiful gift fuels their imagination, making their creativity hard not to fall in love with, however keeps them in search of the next creation, often leaving lovers in the dust. This is why often an intellectual Taurus will be best for a Gemini. Taurus’s earth-like, grounding nature, helps pull a Gemini out of the clouds and gets them to listen to the few but important words they may have.


gemini tarot advice

Though Gemini is ruled by The Lovers, which tells us Gemini are most comfortable with a companion, they will want to turn to the 6 of Wands tarot card when it comes to advice on love. This card represents sexuality and transformation for the Gemini. Though Gemini don’t usually need help with showing physical affection, this card will keep their relationships stable and help them to express their feelings honestly to their partners. This card also represents happiness for the Gemini, and when happy, they love nothing more than to communicate with their partner, creating a loving and long-lasting relationship. The 6 of Wands also helps the Gemini “be here now”. With so much going on in their brains, and their inquisitive nature, Gemini can often be too much for people. This card will keep the Gemini from getting too wrapped up in their next thought and keep them present, making for a better opportunity to get to know their partner and see them for who they really are.

gemini tarot reading for breakups

Gemini closely relate to tarot cards that represent the element of air. This shows up in how they deal with breakups closely. Gemini, never in mean spirit, have the tendency to flow in and out of relationships like the air that represents them. They are soft and gentle, often making you believe it was your own idea to split up, or that you weren’t really together to begin with. Gemini can be a bit intense with their inquisition, and breakups can happen often if their opponent doesn’t match up quickly. When a Gemini is looking for advice on a breakup they should turn to the 6 of Cups tarot card. This card will show nostalgia and help put out passionate flames. Because of Gemini’s ability to communicate, they may say more than needed at the time of a breakup, especially when emotionally charged, so Gemini should turn to this card to remind them to stay calm and only say what is necessary. They are more likely to say what they mean, without saying it mean.

gemini positive and negative sides


Gemini through the tarot cards are represented as being strong and intelligent, curious, and fun-loving by The Lovers card. Through this card, you can also see Gemini as having the ability to make two forces become one, which can be a quite calming thing to experience. Gemini are shown through the King of Cups as being very dependable friends, once you let them get to know you, and their flirtatious behavior keeps activities new and exciting. If you turn to The Magician in the tarot cards, you can see Gemini’s impressive ability to communicate and create new pathways, This helps keep their relationships honest and open. Though Geminis may like a good debate, they do not dwell on disagreements.


Most of Gemini’s good qualities, if not honed in on, can be quite destructive as well. Their intelligence and communication skills can create a large ego, and their pursuit of these things in others and their perfect partner, can create a wake of broken hearts on their path. Though Geminis never intend to be mean or hurtful, their fun-loving attitude can blind them to more serious situations others may be going through, making them seem insensitive and self-absorbed. Again, though it is never their intention, Geminis can often leave people who can’t keep up with their curious minds, feeling left behind or forgotten about. Being ruled by Mercury can get Geminis into quite a bit of trouble as well. This fast-moving planet is known for its erratic and unpredictable behavior, so it’s no surprise that Geminis can show these characteristics as well. This can be fun for a while, but oftentimes it leaves people confused and tasks unfinished.

gemini general tarot advice

The Tarot asks the Gemini to slow down a bit, so others don’t get left behind, tasks get finished, and communication is clear. It reminds the Gemini to calm the mind and make sure they don’t miss an important detail because they are moving too quickly. The tarot also shows Geminis that because of their communication skills, they will be sure to make lots of deep connections quickly, but to be sure to spend real time with each person or partner, giving them a good chance to show their true selves. With a handful of cards that relate to Geminis and air signs, the tarot isn’t lacking advice, as long as the Gemini can center themselves and quiet their own mind long enough to hear the message.

gemini tarot advantage

Geminis should use the tarot as a tool to help guide them while they build their new pathways. The tarot can help reel the Gemini in and get them centered in the mind so all the decisions they are making, are the right ones. Though the Gemini is two personalities joining together as one, the Gemini must remember that they are still but half of a whole, and to not let their ego get the better of them. The tarot cards can help Geminis stay present, exhibiting “be here now” behavior, leading them away from hurting others, or leaving them feeling left out or behind. Hurting others is never a Gemini’s intention but it is often a by-product of their sometimes erratic behavior. The tarot cards remind the Gemini that staying present will help them achieve the gentle touch their air sign can provide them with. The tarot cards can be a great tool for Geminis to calm their ever turning minds, helping them focus on what’s really important and not get too carried away with the next adventure.

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Quick Gemini Facts

Card: The Lovers

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Quality: Mutable

Stone: Pearl

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