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Frequently Asked Questions about Capricorn Tarot reading

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Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac following Sagittarius, and is primarily known for its well-disciplined and responsible members. As like the other earth signs, Capricorns tend to be well grounded and stable in both mind and body. No matter how difficult a task may seem, Capricorns face every challenge head-on and with a steady sense of determination. Despite the fact that Capricorns tend to be far more independent, their authoritative and head-strong personality makes them phenomenal leaders.

Due to their heavy focus on success in the material world, a Capricorn may find themselves often coming off as overly analytical and bossy. However, this is not due to the fact that they inherently think that they are better than others; because Capricorns are oftentimes pessimistic, they can easily fall into a cycle of negativity and overthinking. While a Capricorn may push those around them to do better, oftentimes much to the chagrin of those closest to them, they are most likely pushing themselves just as hard, if not harder. Because of this, Capricorns can easily overwork themselves to exhaustion and burnout.

Much like the other two earth signs, Capricorns can also be incredibly stubborn; changing a Capricorn’s mind can feel like trying to move a mountain. Prone to hyperfixating on their own way of thinking, it can be difficult for Capricorns to look at situations from the perspective of others. Because of this, a Capricorn may overlook the solution to a problem that may be lying right underneath their nose, if only they’d take their eyes off of the path they’ve made for themselves.

The main capricorn tarot card

In the Major Arcana, Capricorn is represented by The Devil.

The Devil indicates that the tendency to obsessively work towards one’s own goals may have negatively impacted the relationship that they has with the people around them. This card encourages us to ease up on those around us and avoid manipulating our relationships in order to get what we want from others. While this is not to imply that all Capricorns are manipulative, it may be easy to be overly controlling in an effort to get what you expect to receive from a certain relationship, which may serve to drive others away.

The Devil tarot also represents the feeling of being chained or stuck in one’s way of thinking or acting; hence, why many versions of The Devil depict a man and a woman chained at the bottom of the card. So too may a Capricorn easily fall into habits that may make them feel as though they are being trapped by external circumstances. The Devil serves to reimagine the source this suffering that one may be facing. This Major Arcana card disagrees with the assertion that the root of much of one’s suffering comes from external circumstances; the only one who has complete control over your destiny is you. This fits well with the Capricorn that may often fall into pessimistic cycles of thinking. The Devil also indicates that there may be a new perspective that you would benefit to consider, which is perfect advice for the stubborn Capricorn.

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While The Devil represents the fact that Capricorns may feel bound in their current way of thinking, The World tarot card represents transcending the limitations of the material world in order to achieve success and enlightenment. The Devil represents the beginning of Capricorn’s journey, while The World represents its completion. Even if a Capricorn’s original goals in the material world have not been accomplished, they have moved beyond the limitation of the material in order to pursue enlightenment within the spiritual realm. This tarot encourages us to accept the fact that the physical world that we live in is not what will bring us ultimate happiness, but that we must look into the nonmaterial spiritual realm to achieve a higher form of enlightenment.

In the Minor Arcana, Capricorn is also heavily associated with the suit of pentacles, but more specifically The King of Pentacles. As the highest ranking among the Page, Knight, and Queen of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles represents the hardworking determination of Capricorn in pursuing their goals. While they are both powerful, they each understand the importance of using said power effectively. This card is slow, steady, and consistent, and is not easily distracted from its primary goals. This card then fits perfectly for the determined and work-oriented Capricorn. Furthermore, out of the other 3 Kings found in the Minor Arcana, The King of Pentacles is far more focused on the materialistic aspect of life. Unlike The King of Swords and The King of Cups, who focus far more on thought and emotion, The King of Pentacles is worried about that which is physical.

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Much like The King of Pentacles, Capricorns are known for their hardworking nature; if a Capricorn has a goal in mind, they will work tirelessly until they see that goal achieved. However, because of this, Capricorns can also come off as serious and cold. This does not mean that Capricorns don’t care about the feelings of others, just that they may have the tendency to focus on their goals a little too much. If it seems as though a Capricorn is holding others to an impossibly high standard, it is most likely because they are holding themselves to the same standard. While this makes Capricorns some of the most responsible members of the zodiac, it also leaves them prone to exhaustion and burnout.

With their connection to The Devil and The King of Pentacles, it can be very easy for Capricorns to become hyperfixated on the material world. They may easily find themselves drowning in material issues of their own making, leaving them to believe that they are trapped in a situation that they have no control over. However, Capricorns would benefit in taking the advice suggested to them by The World to focus more on the nonmaterial aspects of happiness and success.

capricorn love tarot interpretation

Due to their stability, Capricorns are suited for long-term relationships. At the same time, their stability and stubbornness may mean that it takes a very long time for them to fall in love. However, just like how they throw themselves entirely into achieving their own personal goals, Capricorns are incredibly dedicated and loyal lovers.

As The Devil suggests, a Capricorn may have issues in a relationship when it comes to control. Capricorns tend to want to have everything done their way, which may not mesh well with a partner who is also strong-willed or has a far more lax living style. At the same time, the materialistic tendencies of this zodiac also result in them being incredibly giving partners. In order to protect what they hold most dear, Capricorns will not hesitate to spare any material expense to keep their partner safe and content.

If you have a Capricorn partner, be prepared to fall into comfortable routines with your partner. At the same time, your partner may need some assistance in learning to appreciate the little things in life instead of constantly working towards a greater future. Help your partner to relax by keeping unnecessary drama and conflict out of your everyday life.

If you are a Capricorn partner, be conscious of the fact that your partner is still their own independent person. The little things that they do differently from you are what makes them unique, and what makes them the person that you fell in love with in the first place.

capricorn tarot advice

The Six of Pentacles card represents thankfulness for the material wealth that one already has, while simultaneously indicating balance and fairness in a relationship. While a Capricorn may be naturally inclined to take charge and dictate the parameters of a relationship, it is always important to remember that any relationship is a team effort. One partner’s say in things does not outweigh the authority of the other. As The Six of Pentacles also represents generosity, it also encourages Capricorns to continue to be generous in the affection that they show to their partners. Beware of pushing your partner to the side in order to achieve your own personal goals, as this will disrupt the harmony that is essential in any long lasting relationship.

capricorn tarot reading for breakups

Because of the fact that Capricorns tend to gravitate to long-term, stable relationships, the breakups that they go through may tend to be more serious and emotionally devastating. Capricorns will need time to heal after a breakup, and it may be a significant amount of time before they are able to start functioning like normal again.

During a breakup, a Capricorn should not be surprised to see The Strength card appear in a tarot reading. In dealing with the end of a relationship, The Strength card symbolizes healing and moving on to something better. A Capricorn may tend to fall into a deep depressive period after a breakup, but this encourages them to rise back up and come out an even stronger person. Much like how The Devil symbolizes that only you have power over your own destiny, this card encourages you to change your way of thinking and move past the pain that you keep subjecting yourself to.

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Through the various connections that Capricorn has to the tarot cards, it is easy to see that they are some of the most determined, hardworking members of the zodiac. Once a Capricorn has set their mind to achieving a certain goal, there is nothing that can stop them. This sign is responsible and stable, and is in it for the long run. Because of this, Capricorns make some of the best leaders that produce work with a minimal number of errors in a timely fashion.


At the same time, a Capricorn’s tendency to hyperfixate on their goals is also one of this zodiac’s biggest weaknesses. Capricorns can easily get caught in a single way of thinking or acting in an effort to reach their goals, oftentimes overlooking the perspective of others. Because of this, they may not realize that there is an objectively better solution to the problems that they may be facing. In an effort to maintain their own personal standards, they may also come off as controlling or bossy to those around them.

capricorn general tarot advice

The World encourages Capricorns to move past their obsession with the material in order to achieve happiness in the nonmaterial realm. While it is okay to be driven in achieving one’s own personal goals, it is important to still care for the nonmaterial aspects of life.

A Capricorn may also serve to learn this balance from The King of Pentacles, who is characterized by both the hardworking nature that comes naturally to Capricorns and the ability to work well with others in order to achieve said goals. While a Capricorn may be naturally inclined to always try and take control, it is also important to remember the fact that you are almost never working completely alone; a king is only made king by the presence of his subjects.

capricorn tarot advantage

Due to their stubborn nature, it may be difficult for Capricorns to take advice from readings that suggest they change their way of thinking. However, this is oftentimes exactly what they need to work through the problems that are plaguing them at the moment. Capricorns would benefit by keeping an open mind to the new perspectives that tarot offers, and accept the fact that they may not always be making the decisions that are best for them.

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 Quick Capricorn Facts

Card: The Devil

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Colors: Grey and Brown

Quality: Cardinal

Stone: Ruby

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