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Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer Tarot reading

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Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are an empathetic and emotional sign with a big heart. They are symbolized by the crab and few other creatures could better represent this moody sign. At it’s most basic level, much as a crab lives in both land and water, Cancers are able to exist in both the material world and the emotional one. This doesn’t mean that Cancers are materialistic, but they do enjoy filling their homes and hearths with comfortable things in order to make a cozy nest for their family and friends.

Cancers also want this nest to be so comfortable because they will need a place to escape to when they inevitably need to retreat. One of the signs most associated with domesticity and nurturing, Cancers are often happiest when taking care of the people they care about. Like all Water signs, they are imaginative and emotional and having the Moon as a ruling planet does little to mitigate the rise and fall of their feelings. They may take some time to open up, but as we will see in further detail, once they do, they can be your most dedicated champion.

The main cancer tarot card

Cancer is represented in the Major Arcana by The Chariot.

The Chariot represents determination and the ability to overcome challenges, something the resilient Cancer can certainly appreciate. The idea that the determination to succeed at something is enough to mean it’s possible aligns with the nurturing (sometimes to the point of bossiness) part of Cancer. This is a card of motion and of goals, assuring the recipient that if they stay the course, trust in themselves and their abilities, they can achieve the things they are working towards.

Much like crabs carry their protective home on their backs, so does the warrior depicted on this card travel within their own protective shell. The Chariot encourages us to lower our defences and manage our emotions and, if need be, ask for help. Reaching out for anyone is a challenge, but especially for the guarded and tender-hearted Cancer. They want to be the one that others rely on and, as a protective sign, often dislike showing any vulnerabilities.

It’s important to take into consideration that this card depicts a warrior who is in control of their own actions, but accepts the flow of life. It is impossible to always be in control of the things around us, but we must let go of the things that we ourselves can’t control. This card is a reminder to focus on what is within your own power and take each step as it comes. Remember, Cancer, to trust in your own innate understanding of the world around you and to believe in yourself.

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Interestingly, the card in the Major Arcana that pairs with The Chariot is The Tower. This card signifies upheaval and dramatic change, but this may be too much of a literal meaning when it comes to understanding the zodiac. In fact, this would point more at Cancers and their often stormy emotional world and their avoidance of change. Given the connection that Cancers have to The Chariot, they would do well to remember that not all change is bad and that, through their own dedication and instinctive knowledge of the world around them, they will not just survive whatever is coming, but likely will rise above it more powerful than before. Embracing the unknown isn’t difficult so much as it is uncomfortable for this sign and that’s just what The Tower asks for when it appears.

Like all Water signs, Cancer is related to the Minor Arcana Suite of Cups. Cups represent the inner world that these signs often enjoy so much, but for Cancers it also points to their powerful connection to the realm of emotions and feelings. Due to their natural ability to read other people’s emotions and their overwhelming need to take care of others, it is practically expected that the Queen of Cups shows up in a Cancer reading.

This card points directly at the intensity of this sign. The Queen of Cups cautions that it is possible to get lost in your own emotions and the importance of maintaining a level head even during turbulent times. This card also reminds Cancers that they are powerful healers and, when focused and balanced, able to see situations with a sharp clarity.

The Three of Cups may also appear more of than other cards. This card represents community – something no Cancer can thrive without because of their need to build connections. The Three of Cups is about coming together to joyfully party, which makes sense considering how much this sign loves a celebration. While initially cautious with new groups, this card encourages Cancers to join in and enjoy the fun.

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Especially given the appearance of the Queen of Cups, it should come as no surprise that the cards all point to Cancers being an intuitive and psychic sign. Their love of community and home means that they will use these abilities to make others feel comfortable, although they need to be careful not to overly relate to people while doing so. Despite being self-protective, many Cancers find that they forget to guard themselves while indulging in their need to comfort someone who is upset. They need to remember that they are in control of their own feelings.

In fact, the struggle to control their emotions is laid out clearly in the tarot, as is the cautionary message from The Tower. Their feelings are often intense and can catch people off-guard given Cancers instinctive need to protect themselves and their connections to other people. The benefit to being such an emotional sign is that they are often quite emotionally intelligent, although the feeling of instability that can come from so many feelings can make Cancers feel – and act – defensive.

cancer love tarot interpretation

Cancers are deeply loyal to their loved ones, especially their partners. This sign is passionate about things that matter to them, so if they decide to let someone in then they can fall for them very quickly. Cancers are often very romantic, using their intuition to make the people they love feel cared for and important. Their signature intensity means that their partners can be overwhelmed by their dedication, but when they pick up on that hesitation – and they will – their imagination may take over for their heart.

The Chariot reminds us all to balance our feelings with our fears, representing the emotional control that this sign will need to be in a relationship. It also reminds the heart-on-their-sleeve Cancer to take things as they come and not rush into something, but rather to trust that things will unfold how they are meant to. As an intuitive sign, there may be an impulse to dive into the deep end when they feel certain about something. While that isn’t entirely unreasonable, it’s important to remember that love isn’t a race.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, look forward to a lot of sweet surprises ‘just because’ and don’t be surprised when your favorite brands start showing up in their kitchen cabinets. Remember to stay calm when this sometimes prickly sign lashes out if they feel unappreciated and try to make them feel as special as they make you feel.

If you are the Cancer in a relationship, remember that not everyone is as in touch with their feelings as you are, so be willing to be patient to get to where you want to be. Use some of that healing energy on yourself so that you don’t bring wounds from the past into new relationships.

cancer tarot advice

With all their emotional intelligence and people skills, it may be surprising to see the Three of Swords offer advice to this Water sign. After all, how often do Cancers need to be reminded to be compassionate to the people that they love? What this should remind you, Cancer, to be gentle with your heart and your words when things are strained between you and your partner. This card also asks that you take people and situations for what they are, which is sometimes a challenge for this sign because of your romantic nature.

cancer tarot reading for breakups

Loyal Cancers are rarely the first to leave in a committed relationship, although they are rarely surprised when a breakup occurs. Their ability to read people means that they have an uncanny knack of knowing when the end is coming. This sign prefers to avoid conflict and so while they have probably been quietly trying to fix the problem, they probably have not actually brought it up. During a breakup, most Cancers will quickly retreat behind their protective shell and close themselves off from what is hurting them.

This intensely loyal streak means that even when it’s over, Cancers have a hard time letting go of people they loved. During a breakup, Cancers should expect to see the Eight of Cups appear in their readings. This card symbolizes leaving things behind and encourages Cancers to start to move on. This sign often keeps past hurts close to their heart as something of a protective measure, but this card asks them to try to let go of the things that have hurt them and to seek something new. This doesn’t mean that they need to rush into a new relationship, but that they should try and find something that will help them feel better.

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Cancers are represented by cards that showcase their deep emotions and strong character. The Chariot reminds Cancers that they are able to overcome things through sheer force of will and that their natural resilience will come in handy. Their emotional connection to the world around them means that Cancers are very insightful and easy to talk to because they will always make you feel like they understand your situation and want to help you feel better.

The cards also highlight the domestic nature of this sign. Most Cancers are in their element when they are taking care of others. They prefer to surround themselves with their closest friends and loved ones, building a routine where they can really cherish each moment with the people that they let into their hearts and homes.


The downside to being such an emotional sign is that they can be overwhelmed by their own intense feelings much in the same way that others are overwhelmed by them. This could be one of the reasons that Cancers have difficulty with change – they already know how something makes them feel and they know what to expect, but it’s hard to prepare for the unknown. This can make them defensive, which in turn brings out another negative quality that Cancers are known for – their streak of passive-aggressiveness.

cancer general tarot advice

Using the Knight of Cups, the tarot suggests that Cancers need to remember to act slowly even when in the midst of an emotional storm. This card represents a healing journey and unresolved conflict, but it’s important to remember that closure doesn’t require returning to a person or situation that has hurt you. Cancers should try and move past old wounds without revisiting them, a challenge for a sign that values strong connections to their past.

cancer tarot advantage

For most Cancers, the tarot is an excellent way to gain more focus. Their natural intuitive abilities means they will be attuned to the direction that the cards offer and, most likely, are reading the cards in order to confirm something rather than discover something. Their emotional nature means that they need to know where to focus their energies before they start to bring in things that aren’t necessarily helpful to their situation and tarot cards can absolutely give them that.

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Quick Cancer Facts

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Card: The Chariot

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Colors: Silver, Purples

Quality: Cardinal

Stone:  Ruby

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