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Cardarium receives hundreds of questions every month. Oh my, card reading is in fashion now! There are many visitors who come to Cardarium every day – just to check what’s in their daily reading and spend 5 minutes of time with themselves. 

What kind of questions people ask about cards? No surprise here – people mostly ask about their lives. That’s what makes  the card reading so meaningful – it is a bit of magic, but mostly it is a way to spend some quality time thinking or daydreaming about ourselves.

(Note: All your questions and info is kept strictly confidential.) 

Frequently asked Questions

When will I get my answer? How much will it cost?

Cardarium usually answers visitors’ questions within a day.  It is absolutely free.

(Why free? Because Cardarium is a hobby site. We love card reading and are passionate about it. If you’d like more than just an answer to your question – for example a detailed and in depth card reading – feel free to ask. Most of  Cardarium volunteers will do it for a very reasonable fee.)  

What to do if I want answer or a card reading right away?

If you’d like an answer right away, talk to our friends – card readers at Oranum.   They never sleep (amazing!) and are ready to answer your questions day and night. You will have to register, but it only takes a few minutes. Then you can get one or two answers for free. 

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Live chat with a card reader

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