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Frequently Asked Questions about Aries Tarot reading

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Feisty Aries have magnetic personalities that draw people close to them, so it’s just as well that they are not typically very shy. This sign loves adventure and is almost always up for something new. They have a lot of energy and their fun-loving spirit means that they are always making plans for an exciting activity or three. On the other hand, this always-on-the-move personality means that they have a hard time slowing down and may burn out if they don’t remember to take some downtime to take care of themselves.

Aries are independent, perhaps fiercely so, and have no trouble doing things on their own if they need to. Like all fire signs, they are passionate and determined – Aries knows what they want and they will do what is necessary to get it. This attitude can sometimes be interpreted as selfishness, especially as they have a tendency to get competitive when it comes to their own achievements. They are actually quite generous with the people they care about, happy to share their winnings – though they do like to be the one who wins.

This strong-willed sign is an excellent friend and companion, with a lot of spark in their step. This guide will help you understand them better so that their spark stays fun and doesn’t set anything on fire.

The main aries tarot card

Aries is represented in the Major Arcana by The Emperor.

The Emperor is a card that represents authority and strong leadership, which is a role that Aries can easily fill with their assertive nature. A goal-oriented leader with a clear vision of where to go and how to get there, The Emperor points out that success often requires a thought-out action plan. This is a card of stability – something that impulsive Aries benefits from having as a base to jump from. While this sign might not often be seen as practical, their connection to The Emperor reveals the logical streak that makes them such a fierce competitor and competent leader.

This card represents being protective of those close to you, although warns against being too controlling even in the name of protectiveness. It is a card of action and of using the already established structures around us in order to get ahead and achieve our goals. The Emperor has learned how to play the game and is eager to teach someone else – although in the case of Aries, they are more comfortable doing the mentoring than accepting it from someone else.

tarot cards related to aries

The Major Arcana companion to The Emperor is Death. A card that represents change and fresh starts, it’s no wonder that it would find itself connected to Aries. They are, after all, a brave sign that doesn’t shy away from sudden changes. This card encourages letting go of the past when it no longer adds anything to your life and making space for new things. This is something that requires a hard, honest look at your own life, which is something that Aries – ruled by fearless Mars – would excel at.

As a fire sign, Aries connects to the Minor Arcana suite of Wands. This suite celebrates success, acting with intention, and joyfulness. These are all traits that Aries have in spades and explains why they connect with the Queen of Wands.

The Queen of Wands represents confidence and a zest for life. It is a card that says we know ourselves well enough to know how to use our hard-won abilities to our own benefit and that it’s our time to shine. Aries may not need to be reminded to showcase their skills, but this card also reminds us that sometimes the way to best connect with people isn’t just through our shiniest selves, but also by letting them see things that we might consider to be failings. If they can do this, they may just find themselves enjoying deeper connections than ever before.

Another card that is drawn to Aries is the Three of Wands. There is an element of potential risk to this card that explains why it is associated with Aries. This is a card of change and leaving behind comfort zones in order to move forward and grow. It can be a new path entirely or perhaps a leap towards the dream that you’ve been working towards, but either way it requires commitment to the experience in order to find success.

aries personality in a tarot reading

The adventurous spirit of Aries is backed up by the cards connected to them, but more than that the cards also reveal that Aries tends to use this quality in order to achieve their own goals. Their ability to use the same level energy for both their professional and social lives is impressive. They are impulsive enough to be up for anything on a night out and this translates into a willingness to take calculated risks for their career. The downside to this is that if they aren’t careful, Aries will run themselves into the ground trying to get everything done at the same time.

The cards also point to Aries’ honesty. This sign is known for their honest streak and it is worth pointing out that they don’t use it maliciously. They may keep some things to themselves in order to keep from offending anyone, but they are unlikely to lie to your face so if you ask them a question you should be sure that you want the answer. This might be one of the reasons that they make such great leaders, although they need to be careful not to be too blunt while telling the truth.

aries love tarot interpretation

Aries are passionate and dedicated partners, prone to the fireworks that most fire signs bring with them to a relationship. They know who they want and are willing to apply the same tactics they use to succeed in other areas of their life to their love life as well. Their connection to The Emperor means that they have a strong desire to provide for the people they love and make extremely supportive partners.

The association with the Three of Wands points out the sometimes flighty nature of an Aries in love as this sign loves the thrill they get from the start of a relationship. They fall quickly in and out of love, but this card also points out that when they commit to someone, they are fully committed. This sign doesn’t mind being single and their love of honesty means that they won’t lead you on with false promises.

If you have an Aries partner, get ready to be taken on an adventure. They have a lot of energy and will want to bring you with them when they try something new and you should prepare yourself for just about anything. They have a short fuse, but their anger typically fades quickly. One way to avoid arguments is to be direct and clear with them, something this sign really appreciates.

If you are the Aries partner, don’t forget to indulge in some quiet time for just the two of you! It’s great to be able to show off your partner to all your friends, but it can also be fun to have some quiet moments that you don’t have to share. It’s also a good idea to think before you speak, especially when you are angry, as sometimes there might be a more tactful way to get your message across than the first thing that came to mind.

aries tarot advice

The Knight of Cups acknowledges this sign and their love of romance. It’s a reminder to Aries to really look at their heart to see what they want, then follow it. It suggests a deep commitment and moving forward within a relationship or, alternatively, with being swept up in a new relationship. Either way, this card points to a sweetness that the fiery Aries may sometimes overlook when seeking out the more explosive moments that love can bring. This card asks Aries to slow down a little and enjoy the little things in their relationship.

aries tarot reading for breakups

Because Aries are so direct, they will often be the one to break up with their partner. Sometimes it’s because they can tell that the relationship is over and, unlike some other signs, they don’t believe in dragging things out longer than necessary. Other times, it may be because they sensed their partner might be planning to leave them and they want to be the ones to end things first.

The independent Aries shouldn’t be alarmed to find The Devil appear in their reading during a breakup. This card often represents a feeling of being trapped or being taken advantage of, which may be why they left the relationship in the first place. On the other hand, this card may also be pointing out that they often rebound quickly and, after a while, regret having moved on so fast. This card cautions against rushing into any choices and reminds Aries to set up some boundaries in order to protect themselves moving forward.

aries positive and negative sides


Perhaps one of the most positive things that the tarot reveals about Aries is their ability to clearly set goals and stick to them. The determination of this sign is not overlooked and is even celebrated. This is especially true given that the cards showcase the way that this sign takes risks and tries new things because in many ways, this attitude can be seen as a sign of carelessness. However, this is much less true for an Aries.

They might be one of the more impulsive signs, but they have almost certainly considered the possibility of the larger consequences of their actions. It just happens that for Aries, the risk is often worth it.


While having a clear vision for your future is great, it can sometimes lead to forgetting to look at other options. Having The Emperor as their main card signifies the more negative qualities of being so set on something – you can have trouble seeing other points of views and other options. This type of tunnel vision can lead to selfishness in the name of success.

Aries also has no fear of conflict, something that makes them able to stand up for themselves and their loved ones, but also means that they are one of the more argumentative signs. It also means that they are unlikely to mince their words, which means that they can come across too harshly without meaning to. This also means that if they are angry, they are more likely to say something sharp and apologize later.

aries general tarot advice

The Four of Wands is about celebrating successes with friends and enjoying the result of hard work and dedication, but neither of these are things that Aries need to be reminded to do. Instead, this card encourages Aries to take some time off from their busy schedule to relax and appreciate what they’ve achieved. This sign has a hard time slowing down and prefers to keep busy, but if they want to keep from burning out, they need to learn how to take a break.

This doesn’t mean they can’t still socialize and party, but that they should consider doing so on a smaller scale than normal. It reminds them that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of their own home from time to time.

aries tarot advantage

Because Aries is always searching for an edge of the competition, they should consider using tarot cards as another tool to help them succeed. They might find that they get the most of a tarot reading by being willing to examine the different perspectives that the cards offer instead of making the cards fit their own framework. While they may struggle with the more subtle ways that tarot communicates, their innate honesty means that if they can get past that then they should be able to benefit from the advice given to them by the cards.

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Quick Aries Facts

Dates: March 21 – April 19

Card: The Emperor

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Colors: Red

Quality: Cardinal

Stone: Jasper

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