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Frequently Asked Questions about Aquarius Tarot reading

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This fiercely independent sign is known for their unique approach to things, which means they often come across as being ‘difficult’. It isn’t that Aquarius wants to frustrate anyone – they dislike messy confrontational scenes – but they do like being right. Luckily, because they are able to look at thing from various angles and keep their eye on the bigger picture, at the end of the day they usually are. Meticulous and intelligent, an Aquarius is likely to understand the key detail to making a plan work – whether it be for work or for fun.

While they can come across as aloof, Aquarius are actually very compassionate and want to believe in the goodness of other people. This often means that they have a strong sense of justice and would love to change the world for the better. In fact, as they are ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, they have the determination and the rebelliousness to imagine and implement new ways of doing things.

Their big hearts mean that they can get overwhelmed easily and they need to be able to step back and indulge in some alone time in order to get back to the business of changing the world. Unfortunately, this is often interpreted as emotional detachment from people who don’t understand this somewhat eccentric sign. This guide should help you get a better idea of what Aquarius is really like.

The main aquarius tarot card

Aquarius is represented in the Major Arcana by The Star.

The Star is a wildly hopeful card, directly referencing the sense of calm that comes from inner peace. This card celebrates being true to who we are so it’s no wonder that this is the card that represents Aquarius, a sign that refuses labels and loves expressing themselves. The Star reminds us all to shine not just for ourselves, but for others as well in order to build communities as amazing as we are. This isn’t something that Aquarius necessarily has trouble with on their own, but everyone needs a reminder of the power and strength that comes from believing in themselves.

This card encourages us all to stop holding ourselves back and to really embrace our own feelings in order to find what makes us happy. Creative expression comes easier to Aquarius than emotional expression does, which might not be a bad thing if this sign didn’t find themselves getting bored easily and needing new things to stimulate them. Self-discovery will help them to gauge if they are on the path they should be and connecting with others means that the journey will be even more fulfilling.

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Perhaps it’s no surprise that the companion card to The Star is Strength, given that this card points to the type of inner strength that would drive Aquarius forward in their mission to leave their mark on the world. This card points to a quiet power that is more about influence rather than force, something that would appeal to this sign due to their ability to make connections that others might not see. Strength also reminds Aquarius that there is something to be said for embracing their own emotions and using them to make themselves even more capable.

Air signs are connected to the Minor Arcana suite of Swords as both are heavily tied to mental energy, understanding, and originality. This explains Aquarius will see themselves in the Queen of Swords.

This card is about seeing clearly and speaking the truth, without letting emotions get in the way. While this might sound uncaring, this sign knows that in order to truly be fair we need to take a step back from knee-jerk responses and only look at the facts. The Queen of Swords celebrates this ability to cut away the extra noise and see straight to the heart of the matter. This card does suggest that it is important not to be too sharp, however, as this may lead others to perceive you as being harsh and even unkind.

The Page of Swords celebrates Aquarius and their quick-thinking mind. This card represents not just creating new ideas, but being able to plan out innovate ways to put those plans in motion. However, it also cautions against moving too quickly. Patience is a skill that many people find difficult and this sign is no different, although their restlessness can sometimes lead them to do foolish things. The Page of Swords reminds us all that we need to slow down to think things through before moving forward.

While it’s true that the Seven of Swords carries with it a warning of betrayal and trickery, that is a bit more abstract here than might immediately be apparent. Trickery may be nothing more than knowing a less-than-direct way to achieve a goal, something that Aquarius would know how to do even if they’d prefer to take a more direct route. The betrayal element of this card could also be a subtle warning that they need to be careful not to undermine or sabotage themselves.

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This sign wants to change the world and they aren’t afraid to do what it takes in order to do it. The cards point out not just their cleverness or their wit, but also their very real strength – their own attitude. Aquarius has a reputation of being both a bit odd and also difficult to understand, which is usually how they prefer it. Their more eccentric traits mesh with their rebellious streaks and when you add in their keen understanding of the world around them, the end result is a sign that wants to offer hope and inspiration to the people around them. One way that they choose to do this is by being unapologetically themselves.

Having so many Swords connected to them suggests that while Aquarius won’t apologize for marching to the beat of their own drum, they will also want to march a bit farther away when the topic of feelings comes up. While they themselves are a very adaptable sign, one of the ways they can be so quick on their feet is to put emotion to the side when needed. This ability is certainly useful, but having Strength among the cards that Aquarius is associated with reminds them that there is power in mastering your feelings as well as your mind.

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While Aquarius can take some time to let someone in, once they do this sign is deeply committed to the partner that they have chosen. It isn’t that they don’t want love, but rather that they are happier to find other things that make them happy rather than settle for a relationship that doesn’t give them what they need. Once they decide on who that person is, however, they are more than willing to make sacrifices in order to have them in their lives.

The Queen and the Page of Swords highlight the need for this sign to have an intellectually stimulating partner. They don’t need to agree on things as much as they need to be able to have spirited debates and deep conversations. This isn’t a sign that tends to show affection in the traditional way, so while it probably doesn’t mean anything if they don’t want to hold hands in public, it would be a bit more concerning if they didn’t want to convince you that they are right.

If you have an Aquarius partner, get ready to have a lot of interesting conversations about a lot of different topics. They are open-minded and exhilarating to have as partners and will probably surprise you by trying to treat you to things that they know you like. It’s important not to take their need for independence personally – in fact, why not let it inspire you to find new things to bring back to discuss with them when they are feeling social again?

If you are the Aquarius partner, remember that even though you have a list of reasons why you are right, it’s okay to compromise a little from time to time. This doesn’t mean you need to let go of your freedom, but it does mean that sometimes seeing something from someone else’s point of view is about more than just learning how to prove them wrong. You may also want to think about having a few conversations about what is happening in your heart, not just in your brain.

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While this sign doesn’t need any advice on how to avoid taking things seriously, the Page of Cups is a good reminder on being a bit more emotionally open. Perhaps because of they so often appear to want to avoid emotional moments, Aquarius is seen as being a bit aloof. This might be about self-protection – it can be easy to get swept up when things are complicated and certainly feelings are not the same as facts, but the fact that this sign is so compassionate means that they actually just need a little more practice in expressing those feelings in order to be comfortable sharing them. Once they do, it will be easy to keep the romance alive.

aquarius tarot reading for breakups

Aquarius are not public mourners when it comes to losing a relationship. They typically will insist that they are fine and already moving on, probably to avoid losing any more of their time to their feelings. They usually process a lot of their breakup through facts, as suggested by their connection to the Queen of Swords, but they are also unforgiving when they have been wronged. An angry air sign can be as vengeful as a hurricane and Aquarius is no exception.

During a breakup, Aquarius might expect to see the Three of Swords appear in their readings – a clear-cut card about grief and loss. This card encourages taking time to reflect on the relationship and using the heartache to try and understand themselves more. This card also reminds us all that even when we are going through something difficult, we are all capable of healing and leaving the pain where it belongs – the in the past.

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The cards all point to the Aquarius ability to revel in their own personality. They can be uncompromising when it comes to being true to themselves, even if they face challenges. Aquarius are good at thinking on their feet and very willing to do what needs to be done. Being so good at adapting to new circumstances means that this sign is not afraid of change – they may even enjoy it a little as it gives them a new way to view things. This sign is honest, but hopeful, and determined to make the world a little bit brighter.


The downside to being so honest and direct means that they can seem a little judgemental and sometimes even leads to being seen as self-righteous. Aquarius tend to want to keep things clean in a discussion because they enjoy the back and forth, but avoiding emotional arguments can make them seem detached or like they consider themselves to be ‘above’ the situation.

The Seven of Swords, specifically, points out the thin line between an exciting debate and a petty fight – something Aquarius should watch out for. While they may be good at keeping feelings out of an argument, once they’ve been pushed too far, it is unlikely there will be forgiveness for the person who upset them.

aquarius general tarot advice

The Ace of Wands encourages Aquarius to follow their heart – something that this sign rarely needs to be told to do. While this sign is bursting with creativity, they may struggle with keeping their projects going after the initial excitement dies down. This card encourages them to stick to it a little more and really invest in themselves. Given this sign’s natural ability to think outside the box and tackle things from new angles, there is no reason to think that they wouldn’t be successful.

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This sign has no problem looking at facts or considering different points of view, so what they might consider really using tarot for is to gaining an insight into the emotional components in their readings – especially the more intense ones that they would prefer to avoid. Because they like their information to be a clear as they are, it would probably be best for them to start out by looking at the suggestions they see repeated the most at first, until they have built up more trust in what the cards are telling them.

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 Quick Aquarius Facts

Dates: January 20 – February 18

Card: The Star

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus / Saturn

Colors: light blue, silver

Quality: Fixed

Stone: Amethyst

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